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Whats Common in CCSS + Name That Standard

What's Common in the Core? Name that Standard! Summarize the Literacy standards

Jamie Marantz

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Whats Common in CCSS + Name That Standard


Difficulty is about how many students answer a question correctly.

How deeply one must know the content to complete the task.
DOK is about

DOK-1 : Recall, Remember
and Reproduction
DOK Levels
What comes after
the verb determines DOK:
DOK 1: Describe the three characteristics of
metamorphic rocks listed in your book
DOK-2 : Basic Application
of Skills & Concepts
DOK-3 : Strategic Thinking
DOK-4 : Extended Thinking
“How much is: 2 + 2?”
“How much is: 2,385 + 37,848?”
DOK 2: Describe the difference between
metamorphic and igneous rocks.
DOK 3: Describe a model to represent the
relationships that exist within the rock
cycle. Explain why your model fits-
citing evidence from our sources.
DOK 4: Describe a model that incorporates the
rock cycle and the water cycle and how
they are inter-related in erosion.
DOK refers

The complexity of the mental
processing students must perform
Goal: Tasks, Instruction & Assessment activities reflect the DOK level of the standard.
Learning Targets
What's Common In The Core Activity
Get in Teams of 3
Pink Team:
-Math Practice Standards
Goldenrod Team-
Literacy Anchor Standards
Part 1 (Individual - 3min):
Note/write down

on the graphic organizer the verbs and phrases that describe the
cognitive requirements
for students to demonstrate learning.
Part 2 (5 min):
- Compare

your notes of cognitive demands with your 2 Teammates.

What's similar? What's different?
Part 3 (5 min):
- Make a group with a
and a




between the 2 content
areas, Literacy and Math.
the Common Core?

We can compare and contrast the cognitive demands of the Literacy Anchor Standards, and the Math Practice Standards to determine the differences and similarities in the cognitive demands of both areas.
Learning Target
Time to Play . . .

Name That Standard!
To Business!
Pair Up &
Get ready to get down...
1. Evidence
And the Final READING Jeopardy Answer Is . . .
10. Range and Complexity
9. Multiple texts
8. Argument (evaluating argument)
7. Multimedia
6. Point of view/purpose
5. Text structure
4. Vocabulary
3. Interaction
2. Central ideas
1. Write arguments
And the Final WRITING Jeopardy Answer Is . . .
10. Range of tasks and purposes
9. Use text evidence
8. Use multiple sources
7. Write short research
6. Use technology
5. Plan, revise, rewrite
4. Write with coherence
3. Write narratives
2. Write to explain/inform
What do you remember about RIGOR?

How is it measured/defined for CCSS assessments.
Depth Of Knowledge
What Are They?
Assign DOK levels to your sample questions
Be ready to cite evidence as to WHY you believe that is the correct level.
1. What did you notice? How similar or
different are the cognitive demands
for Literacy and Math?
2. What are the implications for instruction?
3. What would rigorous powerful learning

look like
in light of these standards? What
would students be DOING?
Go to:

-Each pair will examine TWO Standards (1+2, 3+4, etc) K-12
-Reading: You will look at BOTH Informational + Literature
-Your task: 'Name' (summarize) each standard with 1 - 3 words
Click on:
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