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how to slide on a longboard

teaching you how to do all types of slides like toe and heel slides on a longboard

pat kitschke

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of how to slide on a longboard

HOW TO SLIDE ON A LONGBOARD ? toe side stand up slide toe side coleman slide two hand heel side slide coleman heel slide two hand toe side slide reverse handed
coleman toe slide toe side coleman slide the basics on sliding to slide on a longboard you need to have good control and stability, to be able to ride and monuver the board to do some knarly tricks.sliding involves balance a very good weight transfer.lastly to be able to slide you need a board. The right setup is vital tyo slide
wheels, you want wheels about 80a or higher.the higher the number the harder the wheels therefor the easier to slide. The board is very important if you want to be able to slide well. you want a board that is low to the ground and with a bit of flex. loaded have a good setup for sliding. trucks
you want trucks that can turn well. trucks like paris a randals are good as well as affordible.with the right trucks you need the right bushings. they range from soft, for free ride and slalom, to hard for downhill. they are that way so they can turn or not. you will need knee pads, slide gloves helmet and a board to do this slide you must wear all safty equipment because there is a high risk of injury firstly you have to get enough speed so your wheels start to loose grip.
secondly you have to start to swerve out. thirdly you swerve out hard than put your hand on the ground.
fourthly, balance yiou weight, some on the board and some on your hand.
kick the back of the board out and once sliding, keep it going.
you will be going backwards at the end, so you have to be able to ride that way getting ready to slide back.) bloopers and ending video doing this slide will feel very awkward.
firtly you need to be able to master the normal coleman toe slide.
after mastering that you are abnle to go sliding on a longboard is a very high risk sport. when atempting these slides you WILL fail when trying to perfect them. here are some of my fails.
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