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How to work a Prezi

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David Garcia

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of How to work a Prezi

Left click on the prezi you intend to present in "Your Prezis".
Full screen the prezi by clicking the bottom right button.
Click the stopwatch button to set a 4, 10, or 20 second timer.
How to make a Prezi...
Adding Pictures
-Top of window, select "Insert"
-Select "Image..."
-Either insert existing file or search the web
Adding videos
Click "Insert"
To add videos
Click "From file (PDF, video)..."
Choose file
To add YouTube video
Click "YouTube video..."
Insert YouTube link...
Click Insert
Adding Music
-Top of window, select "Insert"
-Select "Add Background Music..."
-Select intended file
Adding your voice
-Select the intended Path Point
Setting a Timer
Unique Features
Work with group members on one project
How to use your phone
-Add files off your phone by plugging phone into computer
-Use instructions for desired file type to be inserted
-Find the phone on your computer, select "Computer" in left hand column, select your device
How to access prezi

- Go to "Prezi.com"

- Click "Sign up"
- Choose your prezi license
- Add your personal information
- Click "Sign up" under your personal info
-Select "Insert"
-Select "Add voice-over to Path Step"
-Select file
-Click "Share" in top
right hand corner
-Click "Share prezi..."
-Click "new prezi"
-Add emails of
group members
-Finally, choose your template and begin!
Bailey Hansen
Katie Elliott
David Garcia
Logan DuBois
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