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No description

thames thames

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of EMILY'S HOLIDAY

Day 5
we were going to torqay. It took 3 hours.such a long time.
We were catching 3 at a time!!!
And even 7 at a time.We got 65
Day 1
Watching TV wosant eny exiting.Well we where a bit exitid because the next day we where going to England.
Day 2
Going to England yyyyyyeyyyy! I was so exited there were soo many suit cases. We were packing.We were going for over 2 hours.I was lisening to music and my little sister was.Well really she was very annoying she was drinking hot chocolate I didn't know and she was so annoying I squashed her face it was not a lucky moment I got hot chocolate all over my face I was stiky the hole time.And finaly we arrived.
Day 6
we were going to Agatha Christies house. There was a beautiful massive tree.My sister and me lide on.
I had my fingers crosed because my dog was having an operation she had 5 babeie's she had a massive tumy.
Day 3
We woke up and went swiming.We ate 2 chocolate buiscits my granma said to at least try to not drop it in to the pool but what did y sister do. As soon as she got it she whent under water so there were like little floting brown bits in the swiming pool
Day 7
Day 8
Crab fishing
Day 9
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