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Lewis Stowell

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Lewis'

Technology in the Future
The four topics i will cover are;
My First Topic Is Homes
Homes in the future will change significantly. For example, Fridges in Kitchens will be able to tell you whats in them. The technology we have today is advancing rapidly and soon, our whole lives will be taken over with technology.
Kitchens in the future will be almost intelligent as the human brain now, as many appliances will have multiple uses for different tasks. Many prototypes for different jobs are already being developed. For instance, you want to make a cup of tea, and the kettle is able to get power from EVERY flat, horizontal surface in the kitchen.
The Next Topic Is Transport
Transport in the future
Transport in the future will have developed from today's technology. for example, trains might not need to run on tracks, they might hover? In the future, we could have flying cars, as many prototypes have been made by individuals.
In the future, cars could be running off more efficient
fuels like water, solar power or even household waste!
Boats and cruise ships in the future will change from how they are now because
many company's will have built boats that we could live on for months, as they will have runways for planes and helicopters, and will be able to refuel and restock with supplies at sea.
The Next topic is Entertainment in homes
The next topic is Entertainment.
I think entertainment will have a big part in the future, as many leading companies, such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, are making, developing and changing new consoles every year. With the recent release of the Xbox ONE and the Sony PlayStation 4, other companies are struggling in the gaming and entertainment category because the technology has developed and improved from previous consoles.
These are both the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony. Where Sony has based its new console around gaming, Microsoft have changed FROM a gaming console, to a more family-friendly console. It incorporates the idea of multitasking, so while you might be watching Wimbledon in one window, you can play a game in another and talk to your friends over Skype, all at the same time!
Televisions in the future will significantly change from today because many new ideas
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