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Writing Roulette

No description

Coreena Besecker

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Writing Roulette

Writing Roulette
What is Writing Roulette?
Writing Roulette is an activity utilizing continual writing in order to check for prior knowledge and encourages creativity and collaborative learning.
Writing Roulette involves timed writing about a topic or prompt. Students then switch their papers and continue where the previous student left off.

In What Ways Can Writing Roulette Be Implemented?
Writing Roulette can be used in various ways including:
Creative writing exercises
Writing for comprehension/evaluation by peers
Writing to utilize new content vocabulary
Benefits of Using Writing Roulette in an ESL classroom
Writing Roulette is beneficial in the ESL classroom for many of the same reasons as using it in a normal classroom setting.
Check for students comprehension on subject matter/vocabulary
Encourages students to think outside the box
Gives students a chance to work with and help one another
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