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Fall 2016: What are zombies?


Ronnie Olesker

on 26 January 2016

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Transcript of Fall 2016: What are zombies?

Why Us?
What is IR?
Zombies VS. Vampires
International Relations
What are Zombies?
& Zombies....
why Zombies?
What makes a Zombie?
Basic assumptions about zombie behavior:
1. Zombies DO NOT dance
2. Zombies desire flesh; they will not eat other zombies
3. Zombies cannot be killed unless their brain is destroyed
4. Any human being bitten by a zombie will inevitably become a zombie
5. Fast or slow? why does it matter?
"Animated being occupying a human host with a desire to eat human flesh"=> the legal route - Haiti Law against zombification (1835)
IR scholars are less concerned with cause of zombies than their effect on politics (dependent variable)
Zombies are a transnational phenomenon resulting in a cross border security problem
Our concern: How do zombies effect global human institutions and actors?
What would different IR theories predict would happen if zombies started to roam the earth?
Realism - what is?
Morality - what should be?
Constructivism - who are you?
Feminism - what is your gender?
Liberalism - can we work together?

Where do we start?
And where would I go to find the definition?
Why zombies and politics?
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