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Eva Santne Naamu Hu Shish

No description

Sadhu Bhaktivardhandas

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Eva Santne Naamu Hu Shish

Eva Santne Naamu Hu Shish
Eva Sant Sadaa Shubh Mati,
Jakta dosha nahi jemaa rati,
Saune aape heet updesha,
Evaa Santne Naamu hu shisha
The sant who always has pure thoughts,
I bow down to this sant who always gives good guidance

Rakhyu brahmacharya ashta anga, ati tajo triya no prasanga
Panchavishay shu rakhyo chhe dwesh, eva sant ne namu hu sheesh
He has kept firm eight-fold celibacy by not keeping sang of women.
I bow down to the sant who has an intense dislike for the panchvishays.
Sadgun naa sindhu gambhir,
Sthir mati, atishay dhir,
Maan Abhimaan nahi lesha
Eva Sant ne Naamu Hu Shish
Calm like an ocean of virtues, he is clear, focused, and patient
I bow to this sant who has no ego
Ahamkaar nahi abhedha chitta
kaam krodh lobh moh jit
Indriya jiti bhaje jagadish... Eva
He has no pride nor thought for his achievements,
He is ever victorious over lust, anger, greed, and ignorance
I bow to this great sadhu who has complete control over his senses as he offers devotion to Bhagawan...
Nirbhay brahmvidh punit
kshamaa vaan ne saral chitta
Samartha Satya vaadi saresha... Eva
He is fearless, God-realized, the most forgiving and light-hearted
I bow to this sant, who is powerful enough to accomplish anything and always speaks the truth.
Sham damadi sadhan e sampaan,
bole mali ne man ranjan
Shrut vaan maa sau thi saresh,
eva sant ne namu hu sheesh
He understands all the jivas and how to best attach them to Bhagwan when he meets anyone he knows exactly what to say to make them raaji
I bow down to the sant who is the best listener.
Sanshay harataa ne kalyaan karataa,
vali ved purana na vetaa
Komal vaani vaachal vishesh,
eva sant ne namu hu sheesh
He will say what is needed to clear one’s doubts and guide him to moksha, he talks about the Vedas and Puranas.
I bow down to the sant who is very soft-spoken but still able to talk to all types of people about satsang.
Sadaa smaran bhajan kare,
vali dhyaan Maharaj nu dhare
Eve gune mota je munish,
eva sant ne namu hu sheesh
He is always thinking of Maharaj and singing His bhajans, and he meditates on Maharaj.
I bow down to the sant who has all these traits, which make him the most honorable of all the saints.
Suni paarka dosh ne daate,
te jiva na rooda thaava maate
Ude adharma no nahi pravesh, eva sant ne namu hu sheesh
Even after he comes to know of one’s shortcomings, he will put them aside so that he can help that jiva progress.
I bow down to the sant who has no sign of adharma
Eva sadgun naa chhe bhandaar, sarve jan naa sukh dataar
Agnaan tamanaa chhe dinesh, eva sant ne namu hu sheesh
Eva sadgun naa chhe bhandaar, sarve jan naa sukh dataar
He is full of these good qualities, giving blissful happiness to everyone.
I bow down to the sant who shows the light to the ignorant.
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