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Oton Župančič Kindergarten, Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia

No description

on 13 September 2015

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Transcript of Oton Župančič Kindergarten, Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia

Oton Župančič Kindergarten, Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia
We are....
Cooperation with families
We work on 29 locations. The number of children, enrolled in our kindergarten is more than 1300.
We are one of the largest
preschools in Slovenia.
Kindergarten consists of 14 units.
The kindergarten »Oton Župančič« Slov. Bistrica is a public institutution.
Headquarters of the institution is located in Slov Bistrica, where the administration operates and is performing all dutys.
Cooperation with parents and inclusion of parents in kindergarten activities.
Cooperation with the local community.
Complementarity of family and institutional education.
Learning about different cultures.
Helping children realise that they are an important and active part of the community.
Discovering new learning opportunities for children and their families.
Caring for the preservation of natural and cultural heritage of the local and broader community.

Strengthening mutual trust between parents and kindergarten's educational professionals. ...
The kindergarten takes part in projects
that go well with its declared values and support our specific objectives.
We are aware, that the key to authentic communication of these values and goals to children and their parents, are the employees, who live (not only declare) those values.
Inclusion of families helps us refine the kindergarten programe, form basic values and plan activities whose main objective is always common good.
Every parent's wish is a happy, progressing and curious child.
In stimulating environment we are able to learn, influence and cooperate with each other.
And only that kind of cooperation
can work for the greater and
common good,
for the sustainable development
of the entire community.
Kindergarten changes like a human, it becomes wiser and more and more present in the surrounding environment. Kindergarten Path is, to Become an Important Stakeholder in the Local Community.
The most important task of a kindergarten is
providing parents help and support them
in upbringing their children, to make possible
a better basis for the future life and create
a learning environment where the physical and
mentally development is possible.
Our cooperation
Intensive exchange and application of new methods and approaches between all interested, participating in pre-school cooperation.
More intensive and targeted exchange of experience, good practice, ideas and innovative contributions, and their transferability to other partners..
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