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PAC Resources, Inc.

No description

Aaron McArthur

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of PAC Resources, Inc.

Jessica Keeton, Aaron McArthur, Trang Nguyen, Juliana Andrews
The Organization and
HR Department

Increase sales in current markets of the USA and Asia
Expand to other markets such as Canada and Europe
Set up a review system so customers can rate and record the service they receive from PAC
Create a reward system for employees who bring on new customers
Create a marketing strategy by conducting market research
What can be done to improve employee communication methods?
Focus Groups
Suggestion boxes
Open Door Policy
Employee Newsletter Published Monthly
Code of Ethics
What should be done in light of low sales numbers?
What should be done, if anything about the fraudulent sales data?
Make sure there is confirmation on all pre-booking contracts
Bonuses paid on fictitious orders must be returned to the company
Discipline guilty party
Hire a Finance Controller to keep track of data entered in the account system
Clearly communicate company's policies to employees

Honesty and integrity in all business activities
Strive to achieve the highest quality, effectiveness and dignity in both the process and products of professional work
Create a culture of open communication
An ethical environment would include:
Employees having skill and recognizing ethical issues
Success is defined not just by the results, but also the way they are obtained
Employees rarely feel pressured to compromise the organizations ethical standards to achieve business objectives
Employees have a lot of knowledge regarding how to handle ethical issues
Employees continually strive to maintain high ethical standards
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