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Sample Portfolio Project

No description

carmen tavares-pepe

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Sample Portfolio Project

My Motto:
Know, Love, Serve

Jack's Path
World Connections
Esau's Challenge

My Challenge:
1st paragraph & rubric:

2nd paragraph & rubric

Dealing with the lies and tricks of other people, like Jacob taking his birthright and blessing.
It's hard to look past the wrong that other people do to me. My first instinct is to get them back, but I need to remember that it is not God's way. God always looks after me even in bad times. I will be better off to forgive rather than take revenge, just like Esau.
Communication with God is really important.
The hardest thing is listening for him. I can be still a little and give Him time to speak to me.
Benefits Given &Recieved
God gives people many chances to be the
person he sees. I've learned that I need to
give people that chance too.
Communicating with God through
this sacrament (when I do it right)
makes me feel like I am in a real
friendship with him.
Ch. 2 of Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer was the best. It used lots of descriptive words like: "The guys waited until darkness to move across the street to the warehouse." You can really see it happening. When the author writes about Jose, you can feel his emotions,
" didn’t want to go through with the plan because it was wrong," and the scene is really set, "The moon light flooded the area so it was easy to see the guys as they cleaned out the warehouse. "
Costa Concordia - Cruise Ship Runs Aground in Italy
by: Joyce Grant - Teachingkidsnews.com
January 13, 2012 - 7:35pm - Costa Concordia cruise ship runs aground off Isola del Giglio, Italy. The Costa Concordia was on its way to Savona from its port of call in Civitavecchia. The ship hit a reef 4 miles off course and off of its intended route to Savona. Captain Francesco Schettino was criticized for leaving the ship before all passengers were evacuated safely. 4,200 passengers and crew were on board with 30 people being injured and 17 people perishing as a result of the accident.
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