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Sacramentality: Unit 1 Creative Assessment

Sales pitch by CTS for Saudi Arabia Position Jackson Burns, Will Martinez, Ryan Geordan

Jackson Burns

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Sacramentality: Unit 1 Creative Assessment

Sales Pitch for CTS Saudi Arabia position by Jackson Burns, Will Martinez, and Ryan Geordan Unit 1: Creative Assessment Meyers-Briggs Profile

i. INTP Employee Profile: Jackson Burns N: I was working when a CO2 line for a soda machine began to leak. I quickly isolated the source of the problem, a loose gasket, without panic, and fixed it. P: I was able to understand problems that a low inventory in my Coffee Shop might pose. I weighed options of closing, or remaining open with less product, and decided to remain open, as to maximize profit. ii. Strengths iii. Weaknesses I: During the first few days of freshman year at Regis Jesuit High School, I was not as social as other students, and therefore had to work a lot harder to make new friends over the course of the year. T: While talking to a friend about some relationship problems, I found myself unable to provide simple emotional advice. I formulate long, technical answers. i. Two strengths: Musical and Bodily
Two weaknesses: Visual and Interpersonal Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligences Profile ii. Strengths Musical: I was able to find rhythm in studying Latin vocabulary, which was very repetitive, and therefore completed the task quickly and efficiently. Bodily: Because of my strength in bodily intelligence, I was able to do very well on a Biology exam in identifying physical parts of a fetal pig. iii. Weaknesses Visual: I was unable to draw a concept for a model railroad project my friend and I were working on, so I was not able to get my point across efficiently, and had to work longer explaining it. Interpersonal: Being unwilling to communicate with my teammates in soccer all the time, I sometimes add to inefficiency while we are playing a game.
Strengthened: Through the purgative and illuminative ways, I feel that I will rid my faith of false beliefs, and come closer to God in truth. I also feel that I will better learn to defend my faith in a land which is hostile towards it.

Deepened: I feel that through the night of spirit, which will come quickly in an anti-Christian setting, I will understand God and His works better by feeling as if He abandoned me, but was really there the entire time. Personal Statement of Faith: Jackson Burns Roman Catholic Myers-Briggs Profile
i. ISFP Employee Profile: William Martinez ii. Stregnths
S- I notice patterns in
math that help find the
answer to the problem. This
skill comes up when I have
to do quick math when I am
working at coors field.
F- When my friends feel
down or sad i can make
them feel better. like
whenever my friend's
mom is sick he stays
over at my house and I
make him feel better or
at least forget his
problems for a little while. iii.weaknesses
I- I like to be alone when i do just about anything and that can be a hindrance because the job will require all of us working together.
P- I don't mind taking action but i try to put it off all the time I will make excuses to not work. ii. Strengths

E- By being an extravert I can help my group interact with many new people for this sales pitch. An example is when I meet people at sporting events such as football games. I interact with others and get to know new people at the game. I am very good around others and interact really well. Employee Profile: Ryan Geordan Ryan Geordan Employee Personal Statement of Faith i. Two strengths: Visual/spatial and Interpersonal Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligences Profile Highest scores: Intrapersonal and Visual
Lowest scores: Verbal and Naturalist Howard Gardner-Multiple Intelligences William Martinez Employee Personal Statement of Faith Sales Group Evaluation Two Possible Group Problems: 1. Since only one of us is an extrovert, we will have considerable difficulty in blending into life in Saudi Arabia. This will place extra stress on the only extrovert in our group.
2. Because only one of us is a feeler, most thoughts will be based on logic and reason, not on emotion, which may present itself as a less-than-inviting atmosphere to potential clients. Due to the hostility by Saudi Arabia towards Christians, we may find ourselves stressed, and looking for a way to deal with this. Using sublimation, we can transfer this negative anxiety into an effective motivation to get work done. Working Together (Freud): Helping with Maslow's Hierarchy: Two Weaknesses: Verbal/linguistics and Intrapersonal ii. Strengths
Visual/spatial- What I could bring to the group is some visual aids to help show what we are presenting to the other people. An example in my life is for many projects. When we have options for what kind of format we want to do for a project, I choice to do a power point. I use a power point because I think it is a good way to understand information. Interpersonal- What I could bring to the group would be acting more with other people in the country. An example of when I am interpersonal is when I hang out with a couple of friends and they bring new friends. I get to know them more and have more friends iii. Weaknesses
Verbal/Linguistic- This is a weakness for me and it is a weakness that I bring to the group. I will not be able to talk a lot about the information that we need to learn to sell our product. An example of linguistics that is a weakness is I am not good at writing essays and I am not that good at coming up with something too write about. I sometimes do not write that well. Intrapersonal- This is a weakness for me and is a weakness that I bring to the group. An example of this is that I am not good at thinking by myself during activities. I need people to think with me to get out my better thoughts. I get more ideas out with others. I am not good at being creative or coming up with ideas by myself. Meyers-Briggs Profile

i. ESTJ T- By being a thinker I can look over all the work to make sure that everything is correct before we show it to others. An example is when we are assigned a project. I look it over to make sure that there are no errors. I also make sure that all the information is correct. I am very organized in my work. iii. Weaknesses

S- Being a sensor is a weakness because I don't pay that much attention to detail which could affect our group. An example of this is drawing and in paintings. When I am drawing I would sometimes leave out the important details that everyone would notice and it would make the painting look better. I am not that good at noticing things better than other people. J- Being a judger is a weakness because I like to go by the schedule and I know that during this time the schedule will change and that could be my weakness. An example of this is when I am going to catch a ride to a game with a friend and at the last minute tells me he can't go. This threw me off and I was worried that I would not get to the game. I asked many people and got a ride. I got to the game but it was hard to get a ride at the last minute. While in the country, we can provide up to the friendship/acceptance levels in Maslow's hierarchy, by providing food for, protecting, and supporting one another. This will allow us to achieve esteem and self-actualize, allowing us to happily immerse ourselves into the culture there. Improvements... Sales Group Proposal 1. As a group we can work to be more extroverted, immersing ourselves in the new culture more fluidly. 2. We can work to be there for each other and provide emotional support, not just simple logical suggestion. Goals for Improvement... 1. Ryan, the only extrovert in the Group, can introduce us to new people, in order to improve our social interactions. Once we are open to others in a manner similar to Ryan, even to the point where we introduce him to other people, we will have reached our goal.

2. Will may introduce our group to the field of emotional support, which we will achieve by supporting him in turn. We, as a sales group, are a efficient machine. Our personality differences help to fill the deficiencies posed by each other. We, as good friends, know how to support one another well, and continue to learn how to do so better. Our faith will be challenged greatly, but we will be there to work through it together, propping each other up, with the result of a renewed and strengthened sense of God and moral values. This position will not only be served by us, but will serve us. Why we are the most suitable option... Thank you for your consideration.
AMDG Strengths My high score of visual will be very helpful when we are in Saudi Arabia, because if we ever get lost I will be able to backtrack, use a map, or just remember the way home. Having a lower score for Naturalist will become a strength because when I am there i won't want to become too much a part of their culture and I will stay unbiased. Weaknesses A weakness may be my lower score on the verbal test because this may prevent me from communicating with the people there. Another weakness that may arise is my high score on the intrapersonal test because i may fade away from the group and want to do my own thing instead of working as a group. a. Well since we are going to is hostile to my faith then there might be times were I regress on Keating's scale and may lose a little faith.
b. My faith will be deepened because of the hardship that I will be going through. If I keep faith through out the trip then I will be coming home with a faith that was greatly strengthened. Challenged: I also think that I will better learn to protect my faith in a new place, where I have never been before, which is hostile towards it. Since I am going to a hostile place I might lose a little faith on Keating's scale.

Deepened: My faith will be deepened by this assignment because as a group we are going to go through hard times that will affect all of us and will help our faith. If I keep my faith through the whole entire trip my faith will be strengthened and be better once I get back to my country. Maybe during the project God might not have been there the whole time but he was there the whole time to guide me the right way.
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