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Paris, France

No description

elan turner

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Paris, France

Paris, France

Paris France
Fun facts about Paris
In France, you can marry a dead person.
Places to see
The Clock Tower of the Conciergerie
* Paris is the capital and largest city in France.
Today it is one of the world’s leading business and cultural centers, and its influences in politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science and the arts
September in Paris – everything comes out of summer vacation mode and a surge of energy falls over the city.
There's only one STOP sign in the entire city of Paris.

1 in 5 people in France
have experienced depression
making it the most depressed
country in the world.

Louis XIX was King of France for just 20 minutes.
he Mosque of Paris helped Jews escape the Nazis by giving them Muslim IDs during WWII.
There's a Coffee Shop in France where not saying "hello" and "please" makes your coffee more expensive.
France’s population is about 64.7 million people (2010).
During WWII, when Hitler visited Paris, the French cut the lift cables on the Eiffel Tower so that Hitler would have to climb the steps if he wanted to reach the top.

Le Grand Véfour
The flame of the Statue of Liberty
Half-timbered houses in Paris
The Eiffel Tower
Paris after dark
Montmartre Walk
Arc de Triomphe
Musée de l'Orangerie
most eaten food
Steak frites
things to do
Paris sped up
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