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Liam Edwards

on 25 February 2010

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Transcript of LiamNarratology

Narratology By
Andrew Smith
Liam Edwards What is Narratology? "Narratology examines the ways that narrative structures our perception of both cultural artifacts and the world around us." (www.cla.purdue.edu) Refferences Felluga, Dino. "General Introduction to Narratology." Introductory Guide to Critical Theory-www.cla.purdue.edu/english/theory/narratology/modules/introduction.html

Games Telling stories - Jesper Juul

Tom Eastman, Lessons from the Application of Narratology to Halo: Combat Evolved- http://www.pixelvalley.net/EasTech/Halo_Narratology.htm

Konzack, L. (2007). The Players’ Realm: Studies on the Culture of Video Games and Gaming

Timothy Burke, Ye Olde Disciplinary Punch-and-Judy Show- http://terranova.blogs.com/terra_nova/2004/09/ye_olde_discipl.html
How Does Narratology Relate to Games? Anaylsis of a Video Game's narrative format.

From this prespective, the closer a games gets to a film or book, the higher the quality it can be seen to be. Narratology .V. Ludology There are three main argument points for Narratology

These are:
1) We use narratives for everything.
2) Most games feature narrative introductions and back-stories.
3) Games share some traits with narratives.
1. Narrative In Everything 2. Most Games Feature Narrative 3. Narrative Traits In Games Narrative is fundemental to human thought. Back story. Game Packaging How Games Convey Narrative Text
Cut-scenes Games as A Culteral Text Narratology can be used to read more meaning in games.
Use of Character types
Narative Content Do all games contain narrative FPS- Borderlands, Doom

Sport- Football Manager

Arcade/Puzzle- Tetris Quests
Antagonist Some games fit into the narratological framework better than others Interactive Fiction- Zork RPG's- Final Fantasy, Fallout

Action/Adventure- Tomb Raider Questions? Do you think games needs a narrative to be successful? Do you think games are suitable for telling stories? Playing in context
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