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Field Study 4: Exploring the Curriculum


Nicole Shen

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Field Study 4: Exploring the Curriculum

EP4: "Bridging
Processes Calendar of Activities
(Lourdes School of Quezon City) 1
Activity: Launching of Nutrition Month
Date: July 2
Participants: Students (Grade School)
Mechanics: Wearing of hats, masks, parade of their favorite fruits/vegetables.

Activity: Paascu Plenary Academic Week Mtg.
Date: July 6
Participants: Teachers & Coordinators
Mechanics: Reviewing of recommendations of Paascu for the next accreditation next year 3
Activity: Induction of PG (Political Gov) officers
Date: July 9
Participants: Students/Officers of Student Council
Mechanics: Grade School grounds

Activity: Subject Area Coordinators Meeting
Date: July 10
Participants: Subject Area Coordinators

Activity: Scouting
Date: July 12
Participants: Students

Activity: Club Activity
Date: July 13
Participants: Students 7
Activity: Faith-Sharing
Date: July 17
Participants: Grade 1

Activity: Flu Vaccination
Date: July 22
Participants: Everyone in the school community

Activity: Faith-Sharing
Date: July 25
Participants: Grade 2

Activity: Faculty Mtg. Gen. Assembly
Date: July
Participants: Teachers of LSQC When it comes to implementation of an innovation to be implemented in the school, stakeholders need to collaborate and cooperate to one another.
It should never be a case that an innovation is not communicated to just few but rather, to all stakeholders involve.
An innovation should be well studied and well planned.
It should not be just a bandwagon, but to be implemented for the benefit of all learners in the school and not just the interest of few people.
It should all be supported by stakeholders, they should talk about it, compromise, talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the curricular innovation.
They should all agree to one decision in the end, and that decision will benefited the whole school, stakeholders and the community. 2. What specific principle of curriculum development justifies the importance and cooperation among all stakeholders of the school? Stakeholders have a vital role in bridging the educational process.
Stakeholders are the ones who create and organize activities for the school.
They determine if activities of the school are beneficial and helpful for the students.
They also get support from the communities and link the activities towards the community.
They also settle on activities and programs that needs to be revised or improve and studies the pending programs that will be implemented in the school. 1. How important is involvement of all stakeholders of the school in the school’s program and activities? Cooperation and Collaboration among a school's stakeholders. Education is not just the responsibility of school leaders and teachers. We need our stakeholders — parents, alumni, school management or advisory committees, community organizations, media and private corporations — to partner schools in the education endeavor.
Developing effective partnerships with all our stakeholders takes time. It requires finding people who are willing to look beyond traditional boundaries, and often to go beyond their prescribed scope of work.
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