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Senior Capstone 2015

No description

Terri Sanchez

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Senior Capstone 2015

Senior Capstone 2015
Terri M. Sanchez

A child raised by unmarried parents is affected negatively emotionally :(
When raised in a single-parent household a child is negatively affected emotionally. Many say that one parent is enough, but this is not always true. The child will always feel the absence of the other parent. Children are more exposed to stress when living in a single-parent household. “Children living with single parents are exposed to more stressful experiences and circumstances than are children living with continuously married parents. Although scholars define stress in somewhat different ways, most assume that it occurs when external demands exceed people's coping resources. This results in feelings of emotional distress, a reduced capacity to function in school, work, and family roles, and an increase in physiological indicators of arousal”(http://futureofchildren.org). A child raised in a single-parent household will deal with emotional problems that a child living in a two-parent household would not face.
What I learned....
I've learned a lot from this project. Most importantly I learned that I was incorrect. It is not always true that being raised by married parents is better. It all depends on the parenting style and the attention these parents provide to their children. A child could have both parents in their life and still be affected negatively economically, socially, and emotionally.
Being raised by a Single parent vs. Married parents
I am interested in this topic because I was raised by a single mother. Everyday as I grew up I pictured how my life would've been different if my father was in my life. I always thought I would be a happier child and have everything I needed. I envied those who had both parents in their life. I would think to myself how lucky they were......
A child who is raised by unmarried parents is affected negatively socially....
It is stressful and hard work to be a single parent. “The single parent may feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of juggling caring for the children, maintaining a job and keeping up with the bills and household chores”(http://www.apa.org).

Most times the parent comes home from working one to two jobs and has no time to give attention to their child.
This results in the child seeking comfort and attention in the wrong places. social scientist W. Bradford Wilcox argues that, “Kids of unmarried parents, according to all of those studies (of rich moms and poor, educated moms and not-so), are supposed to be failures. They are supposed to abuse drugs,get pregnant, and end up in prison, rather than grad school” (Kripke).
While the parent is working to provide for their family, they often forget that a child also needs attention. They don’t ask their child about school or how their day went. The child then starts to think that their parent doesn't have time for them, so they choose to make the wrong choices. The parent is often too stressed or worried about paying bills, they don’t take their children into consideration. A single parent thinks that providing a roof over their child’s head is enough, but it is not. A child needs so much more. A child needs someone to talk to, to seek advice from. Someone to teach them wrong from right.
A child raised by unmarried parents is affected negatively financially
Children who are raised by unmarried parents are economically disadvantaged. Children living in a single parent household will struggle because their parent has to pay rent and bills on their own. This is a difficult thing to do, resulting in the parent working more than one job. “Divorce is undoubtedly tough on single parents and kids, if only for the financial hit they typically incur as a result. More often than not, single-parent households fall into lower socioeconomic brackets, a statistic exacerbated by the fact that less than 50 percent of custodial parents receive child support payments in full. Partly as a result, children being raised by single mothers are roughly five times more likely to live below the poverty line than their peers in married-couple households”(Musick and Meier).
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