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Shogunate Japan (Intro)

No description

Scott Shackleton

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Shogunate Japan (Intro)


n Japan is made up of four main islands, Kyushu,
Shikoku, Honshu & Hokkaido, and over 3000
smaller islands. Only just over 11% is considered
farmable, the remainder is mountainous,
forested or inhabited. This is the city of Heian-Kyo,
it was built in 794 and was Japan's
capital for over 1000 years (today it
is known as Kyoto). It had a central
boulevard connecting the royal palace
and the cities markets. The nobility lived
closest to the palace. No written references
relating to Japan. It is believed the Japanese
people lived in tribal communities. 600 -
1160 AD Gradual development of small, independent states. Society becomes more
organised. Social hierarchy
develops. Medieval Japan:
#Controlled by Shogunate
#Emperor becomes symbolic
#Battles rage over control
of territories
# Borders closed 1630's for
200 years 1100 -
1800's Mongols attack, bringing
23 000 soldiers and 800
ships. Many die but no
one side claims victory. 1274 First contact with
Europe. 1336 Pre
57 AD 300 -
600 AD Haiku: A short poem of a keenly observed moment that relates to nature or human nature.
* 3 Lines
* Lines 1,2,3 have 5,7,5 syllables respectively.
* Unrhymed

An ancient pond
A frog jumps in the water
The splash of water Classical Japan (Heinan age):
# Time when many of Japan's foundations were laid.
# A break from China, they develop their own distinct culture.
# Art & literature flourish. "The Great Wave"
Woodblock Print Where is Japan?
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