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Digital Marketing Strategy

Daniel Willis

on 6 July 2013

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Transcript of ExpertsAnytime.com

Under the surface: How We Get There!
90 Day Strategy ExpertsAnytime.com
The initial launch period of 90 days is going to be vital to the growth and value proposition the site offers. The site needs to draw in qualified experts of notoriety and authority that will effectively market to draw future prospects in both experts and users of the system.
The Network
Next up, social media! Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Youtube the site will need to market effectively within each of these networks to showcase success stories, market experts, and disperse content to as many eyes as possible over a short period of time. We are looking for explosive growth out of the gate and while traditional media does present opportunities in the future for untapped markets it can not possible reach the same size of audience. The principle focus other than on-site marketing will be social media broadcasting over the first 90 days.
On-Site Showcasing
The most important part of any initiative is making sure the homefront is composed and prepared for success. Ensuring that we are showcasing the most prominent and published experts on the main page as incentive for experts to self market and grow the site will be key. Also ensuring that we are reaching out to experts in each niche to compose regular content for an on-site blog will be a great way to build organic traffic to the site along a wide variety of key words from multiple industries.
The Ol' Fashioned Way
The last and possibly most successful way for us to draw in relevant experts and viable clientele is to go the source. Using LinkedIn among other networks to reach out to prominent influencers and leaders in every industry to draw more attention and focus to the site and it offerings. Having an intern team reach out to question and query forums (Yahoo! Answers, Quora, etc) to seek out people asking for questions only experts can truly offer an answer to and pointing them to the appropriate expert within our network.
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