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Facts and knoledge about teenagers smoking cigarettes, tabacco, marajuana and more

ruben vela

on 18 December 2010

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Transcript of Tobacco

Click anywhere & add an idea 3,000 teens smoke their first cigarette everyday Cigarettes are promoted and influenced
in everything that you may have not notice. Alot of teens see things on tv that
they think is cool and try to immitate
them Alot of children that read comic books
are influenced by what they see and or hear
as cool and have it in their mind that its
ok to smoke if the things that they enjoy or
look up to does it. Thats how alot of teens
start. The most common cause of teen smoking is peer pressure.
Alot of teens pressure other teens into smoking cigarettes
because they want others to feel that its cool so that they are not alone in smoking. This picture shows a teen rejecting
a cigarette ,but half of the time the
teen is pressured and ends of taking it. Teens should stop smoking because in the long term
its gonna cause more harm to thier bodies than they
realize The lungs on the left is a picture
of a non smokers lungs.
The lungs on the right is a picture
of a smokers lungs. Teen smokers are going to sometimes
use other drugs.
Some refer to cigarettes as
a gateway drug. Smoking can also corrupt you
facial and body features A before and after effect
cause of smoking If you eat right and have a healthy
diet might be able to look like this But smoke cigaretts and i can garente you that
you will eventually end up like this Or this Or even this I only know of one way to avoid
being any of those and its to
stay above the influence and stay in school Ruben Vela Brandon Samuels
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