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polynesian america

who discovered america?

carrie wehmeyer

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of polynesian america

Polynesia: the chicken and potato Well..... SWEET POTATOES!!! Tastes like chicken!! Set Sail!!!! Whether Polynesians were here first or not, it is an undeniable truth they were here, in Chile, and arrived on American soil before Christopher Columbus. Sweet potatoes closely matching the D.N.A of Polynesian sweet potatoes have been found in coastal areas of S.America, S.American sweet potatoes are different from their Polynesian counterparts. In El Arenal, chicken bones have been found with matching DNA to Polynesia chicken!! These chicken bones date back to 1304 to 1424. Polynesia is a bunch of islands, not one island. The whole area is composed of about 1,O00 islands. So its safe to say they were a sea faring people. Considering this, they could definitely get to S. America. So, Who REALLY discovered America? What came first? The Chicken or the European? Polynesians were said to come here around 1000 A.D.
That's 492 years before Columbus! How do we know this you may ask?? Potatoes grow from tubers, and tubers will rot in salt water..... so they had to be carried!! But by whom? Polynesian sweet potatoes have also been found on Easter Island, is it that much of a stretch to grow from Easter island to S.America? Picture of the boats that the Polynesians would have used to get to South America who: Polynesians
what: Discovering America(South)
when: 1000 A.D.
where: America
why: You shall see!
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