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No description

Anita Nkurunziza

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Research

Research Proposal
1. Why did a massive Sugar shortage occur in Kenya in 2014?
3. How can Supply Chain Disruptions in the Sugar Industry be mitigated in future?
2. What role does Commercial Policy play in the Supply Chain of the East African Sugar industry?
Research Topic:
Research Questions
Research Proposal
Supply Chain Risk Management;

An Analysis of the Sugar Industry in
Key Literature:
Proposed approach
Secondary data needed
Knowledge gap:
Chopra and Sodhi
(2004) identified catergories of Supply Chain risks that include forecasts, procurement and inventory.
Kull and Closs
(2008) suggest holding inventory as a risk reduction strategy. Additionally, independent organisations may react to policy changes by adjusting Supply Chain configurations.

In order to tailor effective risk-mitigation strategies,
Chopra and Sodhi
(2004) recommend Stress Testing the Supply Chain.
Bhattacharyya et al
(2010) examine how risk affects the volume of a Supply Chain's import and exports.
Supply Chain Executives
from both
Kenya and Uganda

Focus groups:
Commercial Policy Executives from Kenya
- Annual Sugar
production rates in Kenya
- Annual demand rates of Sugar in Kenya
- Impact of Commercial Policy changes on Sugar
Collection of multiple truths from different participants
Qualitative: Case Study Method
Main subject of analysis: Kenyan Sugar Industry
Importance of this research:
This Supply Chain risk research has not yet been carried out in Kenya's Sugar industry
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