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Bubble Wrap

No description

Ayah Badran

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Bubble Wrap

Safety Device (Physics 30)
Ayah & Shama

Bubble Wrap
Every object has momentum. Momentum is the product of an objects mass and velocity. In order to stop an object’s momentum it has to be acted on by a force. In some situations the object hits into the side of a box or into a wall, or whatever, which acts as a force stopping them, but breaking them at the same time. Bubble wrap is used to prevent or reduce those impacts on packages.
More on how it works...
Basically, it cushions the impact from when it hits the floor. It absorbs the impact and the force goes on the bubble wrap and not on not as much onto the little boy from the previous frame if he falls...
Bubble wrap provides a force by time, which is known as impulse. The more time the force has to act on the object to slow it down, thus less damage caused to the object or person
Like any cushioning, it lengthens the impulse on the contents. In order to protect an object, you need to make the impulse take a longer time. This makes the force of the impact lower. By protecting the contents with bubble wrap, you can make the contents take longer to crash into something and with every added layer, the more cushioning you will receive.
Why Bubble Wrap?
Bubble wrap weakens the force or intensity of the object when it falls, or hits something. Bubble wrap helps to absorb the kinetic energy of the object colliding with its surroundings. It acts as a shock absorber.
It is made with polyethylene resin in form of beads. The bubbles in the wrap aren't completely blown up and there's extra plastic because if they were too full, it would pop and loose all its ability to absorb as much force upon impact and with the extra space, there is more cushioning present for when force is applied.
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