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Dream Cloud

Life as a Cartoonist

iris du

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Dream Cloud

Dream Cloud Life as a Cartoonist Told by Iris Du Transportation Cartoonist live and work from their studio which is usually at home, they don't need to buy cars, just bikes to go buy grocery weekly. But Sometimes we take the bus or the subways when we have important meetings or need to go some place far. Work What does a Cartoonist do? Cartoonists (depending on you level of experience) do many things that are related to drawing. They work for companies that need a logo made, they make covers for magazines, and if they are experienced enough, you can go out and start your own company and make your own cartoon. Levels of a Cartoonist Level 1 Salary $10-$50 per cartoon Level 2 $50-$500 per cartoon Level 3 $40 000-$80 000 per year Number of hours Freelancer cartoonist work around 50 hours a week
But cartoonists who have their own serialized cartoon
may end up working many hours more to complete the next chapter (60-100 hours) Drawings Hobbies Some hobbies cartoonists have are:
playing video games
travelling Prices Tools- this may included tables, pens,
paper, ink, tones, printers, scanners,
tablets etc. $1910.53 (once) Studio- all cartoonists need a place to work,
depending on the size of a studio, the price
can vary $1035.00 a month- medium size Food- everyone needs food to survive $335 per month Transportation- as I said before, cartoonist usually
work at their studio/home so they do not need to
buy cars. Bikes perhaphs and bus tickets as well.
Bike $178.98 (once)
Bus Tickets $10 per month Daily Schedule 9:00-wake up, eat breakfast 9:30- start writing names/
storyboards for the chapters
of your cartoon 11:00- Eat lunch 12:00- add final touches
to the names/storyboards 12:30-Works on the manuscript/
good copy of the chapter that's
about to be published 7:00- Finishes work. Eats
dinner. Relationships My imaginary
boyfriend Apartment My apartment. I share a 3 bedroom
apartement floor with Linda and
Angela. The apartment is located on
222 Woolner Avenue, St. Claire
and Jane Street, Toronto, Ontario
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