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Five Awesome Vertebrates!

Super cool animals,must see!:)

Sani R

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Five Awesome Vertebrates!

Dolphins are very amazing and have many structural characteristics and adaptations.
Here are a few:
1:They have excellent memory,so let's say they ate coral months ago, they will know that and they can remember that, and know it's not poisonous.
2:They have blubber that keeps them truly protected
3:They have a blowhole at the top of there head, and that helps them breathe.They know just when to jump out of the water too.
4:Have an excellently large tail fin to move faster and faster while its swimming
Reptiles:Painted Turtle
Hummingbirds are one of the smallest birds in the world.
They suck

nectar from pink orange or yellow flowers
They also eat small spiders, and some species feed on tree sap from holes in trees that other birds have made such as yellow bellied sap suckers. Sapsucker holes are a double treat, providing both insects and sap!
The hummingbird has to eat

twice its body weight every day. Hummingbirds can hear and see better than humans, but have almost no sense of smell.

Hummingbirds live

mostly in the Atlantic forests, tropical islands in the Caribbeans, the U.S. and Canada.

The best adaptations of

hummingbird is, They can fly backwards really fast especially when attacked by an animal.
The fish we chose to do was the angel fish.Let's talk

about its body parts
Here is a diagram of an angelfish!
More about angelfish
Angelfish are coldblooded like most other fish. Angelfish eat fish, algae, and plankton.

They catch there prey by quickly looking at there prey and then they swim as fast as they can to catch it.
Angelfishes breathe through there gills.They breathe in the water like most fishes,because there lungs were designed that way.
A adaptation of an Angelfish is that they have more of a sleeker and thinner body which helps them move incredibly fast-even around plants and sharks.
Thanks for watching!
☺:)any questions?☺♥

The painted turtle is mostly found in Northern Mexico, and is definitely not going to be extinct for the upcoming years.
It eats algae,little insects and even little/big meals from the sea such as crustaceans and fish.
Some even eat rodents and snakes!
Adults have super hard shells,which helps them stay protected.
Also, they could end up in the arctic,and stay there for 3 months. (As and adaptation)
If they end up in space, they can Hibernate with out oxygen(For about 3 days!!).
Studies show it!
Painted turtles breathe through their lungs like us humans but they can also absorb oxygen through their skin!
The painted turtle will be the focus of the next few slides.
Here is a diagram of a painted turtle.
Hey There!!
Hey!My name is Sani
and my name is Naomi!
And we are going to talk about 5 amazing vertebrates!

LET'S GO!!!!
About the Painted Turtle
-who wants to try and guess
why angelfish have their stripes?
-name 1(ONE, we are not asking for 55) adaptation
of a dolphin.
-what does a hummingbird eat?
-what are 2 things that dolphins eat?
Can anybody try to remember what the title of this prezi was?
What is the scientific name of a painted turtle?

this is a picture of a painted turtle
More about Atlantic bottle nose dolphins
Dolphins are big mammals, so they have to eat.
Fish and squid are the main food,(they also eat invertebrates), but they like to eat some sea creatures larger then themselves!
(Such as the great white shark,blue whale and if in super emergencies,other dolphins!).

Amphibians:red eyed tree Frog
reptiles: frog
intro... frogs and toads are carnivores so they only eat meat. sometimes the food that they eat depend on their size. for example: small to medieum sized frogs eat
The Bottle nose Dolphin is a warm blooded mammal, only because its a marine mammal,
The dolphin catches their prey by swimming super quick and "jumping"on them.Dolphins have around 250 teeth,but the Bottlenose has around 50-100 because its a mammal!
Do you think dolphins can laugh?
Frogs are amphibians designed to jump and leap(Like a bunny)except they are much slimier and they are amphibians.
They eat snails,insects,spider and butterflies,but only big ugly frogs eat those.
Most tree frogs eat insects. A good adaptation of a tree frog is that they have red eyes,which helps them see at night.
They catch flies by just zapping out their long,slimy tongues and catch their fly, lazy yet helpful adaptations.
angelfish reproduction
In order for an angelfish to lay their eggs they need a surface to attach their eggs to.

If there are plants with leaves large enough they may choose to lay on it.
When everything is ready the female will lay their eggs.
The eggs will then be ready to hatch soon.
painted turtle
life cycle.
In June or July, female turtles lay 6 to 18 oval eggs, about 3 cm long or the length of a two-dollar coin, in a carefully prepared nest. Females are very watchful for predators, and scan the shore several times before venturing on land. They look for open sites with loose soil and without a lot of plants, roots, or rocks.
Once satisfied with the site, a female begins by digging with her front legs. She quickly switches to her more powerful hind legs, creating a hole about a foot deep. Once the eggs are laid, she fills the nest with soil, compacting it with her feet and and then covering it with soil.
If predators do not find the nest, the baby turtles break out of their eggs around September. Even though their nests can reach –5 degrees C, most hatchlings stay in the nest until the next spring.
What is very unique about a dolphin calf is that it is born tail first instead of head first like all other mammals. The females will move to very shallow water for the young to be born. They are often accompanied by one or two other dolphins that will assist her. Usually, those assistants are females.
The assistance is very similar to the birth of a human baby. The other dolphins soothe the mother and they help with the calf when it is born. They aid the calf to the surface of the water to get its first breath. These young are coordinated to swim, they have their eyes open, and their senses are fully alert.
Hummingbirds breed in late March. The males attempt to attract the females by flying through the air and then dives down at top speed. If the female is attracted, they mate. Once the mating is over, the female locates a spot for her nest and then starts to build it. After the nest is built, the female will lay her first of two eggs. Next, the female will lay on the eggs for 14-16 days until they hatch.
angelfish skeleton
after that the baby turtles
one more!
5 vertebrates: A spectacular Prezi about 5 interesting animals!
By:Sani and Naomi!

whoo hoo!
look at me!!!!
one more!
what do you think that was?
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