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Recruitment Workshop

No description

Kelly Brice

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Recruitment Workshop

Recruitment Workshop

When you wish upon a star,
Tri Delta is where you are.

The Purpose
THE PURPOSE OF DELTA DELTA DELTA shall be to establish a perpetual bond of friendship among its members, to develop a stronger and more womanly character, to broaden the moral and intellectual life, and to assist its members in every possible way. 
IT SHALL ALSO BE THE PURPOSE OF DELTA DELTA DELTA to promote and develop mutually beneficial relationships between the Fraternity and the colleges and universities where the Fraternity has established chapters, to develop qualities of unselfish leadership among its members, and to encourage them to assume, with integrity and devotion to moral and democratic principles, the highest responsibilities of college women.

Schedule Until Break
-Potential outfits for recruitment
-Setting goals (groups)
-Game time!!
-Song and chant practice
-Bumping practice!
-Snack break

Open House-
Tan-Brown shade of wedges
Dark jeans

Sisterhood night-
Brown boots
Dark jeans
Hakuna Matata shirt

Philanthropy Night-
Black Heels
Dark jeans
Black tank with Cartogen

Setting Goals
What is your personal goal or your goal for the chapter?

Split into groups and discuss, then talk about it to the chapter

Game Time

Bumping practice YAYYY!!!!!
Why rotate?
-To make sure each PNM meets a variety of members
-The PNM will be able to base their opinion of Tri Delta off of more girls
-Help keep conversation interesting
-To ensure the PNM is evaluated by a number of members
-To give credibility and organization to membership selection meetings

Bump Groups
Split into groups of 7 and sit quietly together.
I am a T
I am a T
I am a T-R
I am a T-R-I D-E-L-T-A
We are the B-E-S-T best of all the R-E-S-T rest
I am a T-R-I D-E-L-T-A

Chants and Songs
Not one, not two, but three I say
Tri, Tri Delta
Tri, Tri, Tri Delta
Build me up, Delta-cup
You should go Tri Delta (Tri Delta)

And you will see, surely we're the best around (best around)

You've already found your true home (true home)

So come along with us and you will see (you will see)

Yourself in 3D!

We want you! (we want you!)

To be our new sisters and give TU Greek Life a start.

So go Delta (go delta) "Tri" Delta

Follow your heart!
Delta Delta Delta Tri
D with an E with an L
L with a T with an A
T with an R, R with an I
Delta Delta Delta Tri
Call me maybe
You can trust us with your heart
Were hot funny and smart
We'll give you all that you need
With us you can succeed

15 in 5 for St. Jude
Tri Deltas never seclude
I didn't know I'd be true
Were home here at TU

Your sister hoods pure, home sick, we got the cure
Throw your deltas up girls
Where you think your going baby
Call me maybe continued
Hey we all pledged
And this is crazy
But now we're sisters
Tri Delta baby

We love tri delta
not just a maybe
And now we're sisters
Tri Deltas baby

Hey we all pledged
And this is crazy
But now we're sisters
Tri Delta baby
Snack Time
You have 15 minutes to break and eat something.
Reference Chair- Missy, going over references and voting
Communication Cake
-Frosting: First impression, body language and appearance
Body language game!

-Chocolate chips or individual decorations
on the cake: shows how each cake it unique
Word Association Game

-Filling in the Cake: filling being flavorless = boring conversation for PNM
TOP 10

Schedule after break
- References and voting
- Communication
-The cake: The actual conversation
What we want to happen
-Seamless Bumping
-Quality Conversation
-Improved First Impressions
-Creating a Welcoming and Open Environment
What makes a house a home?

What can we do to make these happen?
Body Language
Talk about it!
How should you be standing or sitting?
Where should your arms be? (standing and sitting)
Where should your eyes be?
When sitting, legs crossed or not?
Should you lean into the conversation
And now I know that
Tri Deltas where its at
Me and my sisters
Tri Delta baby
1-4 Scale

1 “I would take my badge off my body right now and give it to her” “Already my sister”
2 “I can see her in our chapter”
3 “Would like to get to know her better”
4 “She is detrimental to our chapter”

“Consensus Voting”

Aka. The only time you will see or hear from me / the new reference chair at any point during recruitment…

Voting and References

Now is your last chance, ask for anything?
Make a comment?

Thanks for listening, you’re all the best.

Anything else?


That’s it.

This is what Delta Delta Delta considers a legacy.

When we narrow down Legacies, Kelly will know those names.

-sisters best friends long lost aunt.

A legacy is….

Different Greek Organizations feel differently about “who a legacy is”
This also leaves it confusing for girls who are going through recruitment telling everyone they are a legacy…

Everyone has their own “definition”

What is a legacy?


No question is a dumb question.
Ask anything you need clarification on!

This is just a “memory refresher”… you will hear more of all these things come next semester… (:

Anyone have any questions?

SILENT! (Or you’ll get yelled at )
This is not so we can yell at you
We don’t get enjoyment out of it…
It is YOUR opinion.. We need to know that.
Do you talk to the person next to you when you vote for the President?
What to write on the back?
We are going to discuss as a group what we think the words that should be banned from writing on the back.
I will type & print this list to put in your bump group boxes so during recruitment this is there for you.
Why does it matter?

Voting is important!

We have changed the ways of voting a little bit
This is to help YOU
Stray from confusion
Help us: figuring out what you mean!
Why votes are so “important” to me? (reference chair)

We have always said….

Not all references have to be good..
If you feel strongly, FILL IT OUT
If you spoke to her a lot… FILL IT OUT!
You can start now if you know women going through recruitment! (or from Open House!)
If you promise to fill it out, I promise not to be annoying and run around screaming for references (:


Some people get intimidated, so…
Checks at the top seem confusing
“sponsor” in this case does NOT mean big
Make sure the signature is legible (it helps us!)

The back

Your new best friend

It seems like a lot of information….
Get what you can get, fill out as best as you can
Remember when you talk to girls
Oh the wonders of our century and social networking…. STALK STALK STALK!

The front

We CAN NOT extend a bid to a women without a reference.

Not “our” rule, EO’s


I know, this is your favorite part.



Let’s talk REFERENCES!

The End :)

Thank you for listening!
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