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Night: Father-Son Relationships

No description

Alyessa .H

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Night: Father-Son Relationships

The setting first takes place in Sighet, Transylvania, then moves to various concentration camps.
Father son relationship in
Elizer's relationship with his dad is not very close in the beginning, his father's attention and focus is more on the responsibilities and problems of the community, rather on Elizer and the rest of the family

Elizer's strong interest in his faith and his fathers disagreement of this curiosity also results in their connection to not be strong
Through the events of their experience at the camp, the two characters bond and connect even more than they would before

Elizer also may of looked up to Moishe the Beetle, in the beginning, as more of his father figure in his life because Moishe often helped and taught Elie on his faith, creating a type of strong Father-Son relationship
Spend every minute of your life connecting with your family and friends because you never know when the last time everything will be normal or good
Elie and his father were very distant and they weren't able to connect or bond together before the World War II situation,their good times together were not spent to the fullest.
How are father son relationships viewed in society?
Father-Son Relationships

The father has a lot of expectations of his son
son looks up to his father as a role model
son and father relationships may be close because they may relate more with each other (ex. sports)
The relationship can be either positive or negative (ex. sometimes your father is not around physically, emotionally, sometimes they are your most important person in your life.)

Elizer shows that pain brings people together, evident in his father's and his situation where the tragedies brought their relationship closer. The two relied on each other for strength when they were weak
When we also see people's vulnerabilities, we grow closer. This is seen when Elizer sees how emotional his stern father gets when getting transported, an unusual sight. Elizer then wants to be strong for his father and himself
This concept of pain or weakness bringing people together is seen in the relationships of the world when countries see other countries in need of assistance, therefore making them want to create ties and help them. For example, when Canada saw the distress of Ebola virus in Africa, they created ties and sent money as assistance. However, like in WWII, when countries are involved in the assistance is more effective
Elizer Wiesel's traumatic and horrifying experience from a first person perspective makes his writing more descriptive and complex than a person who hasn't been through the that experience first hand.
Elizer thoroughly describes his feelings and emotions throughout the memoir,therefore helping the audience visualize and understand this experience.
The way he writes about his father's relationship with him gives the audience an idea of what father's relationship were typically like during the time of WWII
Elie's experiences of witnessing other children get separated from their parents made Elie want to stay with his father at all times and made his writing more effective because the readers could see their growing bond from the description of imagery of Elie's care for his father.
-Elie, Elie's Father, Moishe the beatle, Rabbi and Rabbie's Son, Elie's mother and sister(s)

Flat character- N/A

Round Characters
- Elie WIesel
In the Memoir, Elie experiences and reacts to the incidents of WWII. Due to this situation, Elie's relationship with is father d and Elie's knowledge and personality develops.For example, he becomes less faithful and selfless.
- Elie Wiel
He is the most important part and main focus towards the story. He also is the one that is directly involve, this being because it is his experience
- The Nazi Germans
The germans oppose the Jewish and create conflict. They are known as the bad guys of this historical event.
Characters that relate to Father and Son Relationships-
This relationship is evident from Elie and his father's relationship, as they are the two most important characters.The rabbi's relationship with his son is also a father-son relationship. Moishe the beetle, the rest of Elie's family,other inmates and German authorities are minor characters.
Elie and his father's relationship before they were taken to the camp was different. His father was very civilized person who never showcased any emotion.
At the beginning of the book, Elie's father figure was not his own father. In our opinion, we see Moishe the Beetle was the role model when Eli was curious about his faith and his father turned him down from learning. Stating that he was too young and not mature enough, Elie turned to Moishe, who showed him the ways of the Jewish religion.
Throughout the events of WWII, Elie and his dad connect more because they are the only family they have and rely on each other for strength and care.
Also, with Rabbi Elahu and his son, close to the end of the book,, after the run to Giletwitz, Elie encounters Rabbi Elahu who claims that he lost his son during the run;However, Elie realized his son just ditched him because he didn't want to have his father as a burden over his shoulder. Therefore, he decided to leave him Elie promised himself that he would never do that to his father, however, he broke his promise n his father passes away.
BY: Anjelica, Jillian, Jestan and Alyessa
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The mood is upsetting because Elie and the Jews are captured and are under the control of the Germans.
The tone is sad because the readers have to vision these horrifying events happening to the Elie and his father.
This makes the atmosphere depressing, sad, fearful, and tense.
In the beginning, the tone was normal and Elie and his father were fine. Later on in the novel, as the Jews were sent to the concentrations and Elie and his family were separated, the mood and tone became more and more upsetting.
Hearing about the things that brought Elie and his father closer together can make the tone lighter because not all the things that Elie and his father went through were bad. They built a closer bond in the concentration camps.
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picture of boy in distress
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father-son relationship
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