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Prius C

No description

dionne perry

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Prius C

The Toyota Prius - C One 2012 The Prius C is the car of the future.
A comfortably small hybrid car that has magnificent fuel efficiency, and a ultra low emissions rating.

The C in Prius C stands for city because of its amazing 53 mpg, in the city. Its Highway mpg is 46, but is still much higher than the average mpg. It is said to have the best gas mileage of a car that isn't plugged in. What is a chemical reaction? Example: 2H2 + O à 2H2O

A chemical reaction is a process in which the characteristics of at least one substance changes.

A chemical equation represents the total chemical change that occurs in a chemical reaction using symbols and chemical formulas for the substances involved. 

Reactants are the substances that are changed and products are the substances that are produced in a chemical reaction. CAR CHEMISTRY Toyota has many awards and recognitions but just to name a few:

In 2008, Toyota's sales surpassed general motors, making it number one in the world.
Prius was ranked "Most Dependable Compact Car Five Years in a Row" by J.D. Power and Associates. 
Toyota ranked #1 on Interbrand’s Best Global and Green Brands List for 2012. Skills and abilities needed to be successful in the career

Pharmaceutical sales representatives need to be skilled at networking, persistent without being irritating, outgoing, smart and have forceful personalities. They also need to be:
Strong analytical and communication skills. 
Smooth Job Description Pharmaceuticals Sales Reps travel to visit various healthcare professionals in an effort to increase awareness of their company's product.

They meet with: pharmacists, hospital personnel, doctors, clinic workers, and retirement homes to discuss the uses and benefits of the medications they represent.

Basically they provide doctors with information about different types of drugs and work to convince physicians to prescribe these drugs to patients. Their main goal is to provide the doctor with convincing literature and information to convince her to switch to prescribing the rep's company's drugs and place an order for the rep's brands of drugs. Costumer Interview Traveling pattern

Sales reps focus on big cities that have big hospitals and a lot of doctors. Sometimes when their product is doing great, they dare to travel to other countries to keep promoting their new stuff. Salary The average salary for a pharmaceutical sales rep also varies according to the location that he or she works in. Obviously with higher living expenses in certain cities, the salary is expected to be higher than the average pay.

Median salary: $100,000
Top paid: $138,000 Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Exothermic: the release of the heat.

Endothermic: is the absorption of the heat. Both exothermic and endothermic take place in Prius-C one.

A chemical reaction in a car occurs when gasoline combines rapidly with oxygen in a heat (spark) induce explosion in a basic car engine. Chemical reactions and energy changes that take place in a Car You look for the followings:

Change in color

Solid formation

The solution begins to bubble

Heat (exothermic reaction)

New compound are created How Do you Know if a Chemical Reaction Occurred? Benefits and perks

Full health and dental benefits
New model company car, free car insurance, and gas card
Life and disability insurance
Free cell phone
Paid vacation
Official supplies for home office
Retirement plan Education Requirements While sales representatives do not typically need a college education to obtain employment, the highly scientific nature of pharmaceutical sales requires an in-depth understanding of complex health sciences like biotechnology, pharmacology and epidemiology. Therefore, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recommends that aspiring pharmaceutical sales representatives possess a bachelor's degree in an area related to pharmaceutical studies.

Biotechnology is the use of biological processes, organisms, or systems to manufacture products intended to improve the quality of human life.

Pharmacology is the study of drugs.

Epidemiology is the study of the patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease conditions in defined populations The minimum amount of qualification for a pharmaceutical sales representative is a high school diploma, but most employers’ prefer someone with a college education and a bachelor's degree in science or a related field. The Toyota Prius has not only a new efficient engine, it also has a rechargeable battery that you can switch to so you can save more gas and run on environmentally friendly energy. TOYOTA We picked Toyota because of their reliable cars, and their reputation for hybrid cars. Toyota is a Japanese multinational automaker. Though it started in 1933 as a division of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, the company was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937 as a spinoff from his father’s company. The Toyota cars are widely known and used, and their number one buyers/users are Americans. Chemical reactions occur when gas is generated to fill the airbag. Decomposition of Sodium Azide (NaN3) is one example.

Initial Reaction Triggered by Sensor NaN3 Na + N2 (g)
Second Reaction Na+ KNO3 K2O + Na2O + N2 (g)
Final Reaction K2O + Na2O + SiO2 alkaline silicate (glass) Did you know there is chemistry behind the airbags?

Airbags have saved many lives since their introduction in early 1980s. Every car brags of having an airbag. It’s a safety tool that’s way better than belt.Another reason, the Prius C is the best car is because it has 9 airbags. Pharmaceutical sales representatives call on physicians throughout their territory, and this work requires overnight travel. The hours are long, because doctors often are only available very early in the morning or in the late afternoon or evening. How often they travel How often they travel
Average miles per month a phameceutical sales rep travel 450/month car allowance plus 48 cents per mile. -Nikhil Rao

1) Do you like your new car, Prius C?And why?
I do and here's why. I love the fact that I can drive 50 miles per gallon. This means I'll not only save money, but I also reduce my emissions per mile. Both benefits make driving feel far less burdensome.

2)How do you compare it to your previous cars?

I appreciate that the car; it's intelligent about conserving energy. For instance, the battery recharges using the momentum generated prior to each deceleration. Plus, the display lets me see the process in action! Similarly, the car shuts down and goes silent once the car comes to a complete stop. That makes driving more pleasant as well. Car Spects

Cost : $18,950 (6 out of 43 affordable small cars)
Fuel Efficiency (both city and highway):
City: 53 mpg
Highway: 46 mpg
Combined: 50 mpg(53 mpg city rating is the highest rating for any vehicle without a plug.)
Emissions (both Greenhouse and EPA Pollution Score): Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle
Safety ratings (Frontal Star, Side Star, and Rollover, Resistance ratings:
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety1Top Safety Pick
Frontal Offset Test Results GOOD
Side Impact Test Results GOOD
Rear Crash Protection Results GOOD
Roof Strength Test Results GOOD Pollution
Motor engines generate high amounts of CO2, which is pollutant. However, Prius C’s engine has two parts: an electric engine powered by batteries, and a small (but still 4 cylinder) gasoline engine that’s turns on when the battery of the electric engine are low.

The other great thing about city driving in the Prius is "regenerative braking". Instead of just applying brake pads, the Prius is capable of running its engine in reverse, letting the wheels power the engine to turn the alternator to produce more electricity, which is stored in the batteries. That both slows the car and powers the batteries to start up again. A regular car just turns the motion of the wheels into heat, which is wasted. That’s why the Prius is the best hybrid car ever! Standard Safety Features:

Star Safety System™ - includes Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
Nine airbags.
Front energy-absorbing crumple zone and side-impact door beams.

Standard Features:

Projector-beam halogen headlamps
Integrated fog lamps.
Color-keyed power outside mirrors with turn signal indicators.
Color-keyed outside door handles with touch-sensor lock/unlock feature.
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