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Arrive (Technovation Challenge)

Our mobile app allows for digital check-in.

Krystal Molina

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Arrive (Technovation Challenge)

The Problem In Our Community...
We now need your support bring Arrive to the App Store and marketplace.
Bringing Arrive To The Market
Our Solution...
... Mobile Check-In !
Marketing Strategy & Implementation Plan
Attendance at Your Fingertips
Our Mobile App
Why is this the Best Solution?
Features of Our App
What it can do NOW...
1) has the name and graduating
year of the student on screen
3) has the option of automatically sending a SMS to the parent of the child once she has successfully checked in
2) has the status of the student (updates automatically)
4) the student has the ability to connect to a robot that will unlock the front door
What We Used...

App Inventor + PHP + MySQL
Cost of Arrive vs. Netbox + HID
Right Away, It's Clear That the
Majority of People Have Smart Devices
This Is Who We Are Marketing To and How They Are Inter-Connected
Eco-Friendly! Fast! Inexpensive!
Our Blog -- Nightingaledev.com
Our online blog has tracked our progress from the beginning of our journey. It allows us to spread the word about Arrive easily and keep people up-to-date on our progress.
ID Cards
No one forgets to bring their phones when they leave the house, unlike the way small plastic ID cards can easily be forgotten at home.
Arrive consumers will be saving about $35,000
Arrive consumers with iPads will be saving $34,000
Arrive is both cheaper and environmentally friendlier than the HID system.
Many schools have transitioned and also implement smart devices in the classroom.
Future Plans
Current System
Expensive Plastic! Inconvenient! Easily Misplaced!
How Works
There are two distinct versions of our app that make up Arrive
Student Version
Administrator Version
Competitor Analysis
Financial Projection
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