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Extravaganza Min by Min

No description

Talent Expo

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Extravaganza Min by Min

Lots of Bright light from back UNIVERSE Lots of Bright light from back (0.00) White Angel enters (0.04) Sun starts to be lowered on stage left (0.27) White Angel looks at sun (0.36) Earth lowered on the stage right (1.07) Venus lowered on the centre of the stage (1.34) More angels enter the stage (1.50) Pluto lowered over the end of the runway (2.15) White Angels ending (2.41) making of the planet Planets open, aerial interaction (0.11 / 3.22) Waves are created with fabric, 10 dancers (0.24 / 3.35) Fish enter, 8 dancers (0.50 / 3.41) Green sea urchins, 12 dancers (1.19 / 4.30) Flowers enter, 8 dancers (1.47 / 4.58) Trees enter, 4 dancers (2.00 / 5.11) Birds fly over,2 dancers ( 2.14 / 5.25) Pink flamingo 3 dancers (2.30 / 5.41) Two pink tissues drop with 2 aerialists, mid runway (2.47 / 5.58) Gods and goddess’, 6 human statues (3.14 / 6.25) M.I.A, 10 Dollar Making of Man Ghetto girls and boys /Adam and Eve - Battle of the two sexes Girl wear white swimsuits with white heels and white long Jamaica nails, orange skin, with pink lips, big black eye lashes and yellow hair in high buns and big gold hoops Boys are orange with red lips, fake eye lashes and black wigs, white swim trunks Love La Tortura Music video on screen Wheel in two square tubs with black paint in and a woman in each Enter single female dancer Enter single male dancer Love dance > physical piece (2.55) enter 10 bellydancers (Mia Serra School of dance), all with black body paint on The Death 2 women start Flamenco dancing at the end of the runway 7 ladies on stage do flamenco (1.50) enter a coffin carried by 'naked' 6 men Man sits up with a rose in his mouth (2.38) Entre couples doing salsa, women in silver dresses of circles Im not a Robot 40 Ballerinas entre, wearing white tutus, with red/pink painted faces (0.52) 50 female models wearing Talent Expo dresses perform a runway (2.16) 2 whirling dervishes (2.32) Gold; The Dieties Kathak dance + bollywood hindi = bollywood fusion World Gone Mad Rihanna- Rude Boy (wideboys Remix) Juggling inferno 20 female and 20 Male models doing a runway show. single model poses one by one at the end of the runway The Aftermath In for the kill - scream remix 4 tissues drop over the run way, one after another (0.29) (0.41) (0.54) (1.08) They join in on sequence of dance
Hip hop dancers start to rise from lots of bodies laying on the ground The Future Alejandro Enter runway show of futuristic 50 women, (0.17) 1930's ww2 dance Last model leaves the runway and an aeroplane flies across the LED cyclorama
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