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Social Media Information Systems: What it is important and h

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Alison Koning

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Information Systems: What it is important and h

Social Media Information Systems: Why it is important and how it can cause problems

Alison Koning
Mount Ida College
August 19, 2013
Social Media and Social Media Information Systems
Social Media can be defined as "the use of information technology to support the sharing of content among networks of users" (Kroenke).
Sharing of contents creates bonds and relationships
A Social Media Information System (SMIS) can be defined as user communities, social media sponsors and social media providers” (Kroenke).
Social Media can not exist without SMIS
Social Media is a constantly growing technology
It changes rapidly
Important to understand the underlying features
There are many risks and opportunities associated with Social Media
Knowing the risk many help in avoiding costly mistakes and could create great success
The Roles of SMIS and Different Social Media Sites
There are three roles in SMIS
User Communities
Social Media Sponsors
Social Media Providers
There are multiple Social Media Sites including
How can SMIS benefit the organization? The Strategy?
Having a business strategy is an integral part of any business in which it determines value chains, business, process, which determine information systems.
Social Media is the opposite of flowing it is dynamic and cannot be diagrammed due to the rapid pace at which is changing.
Business strategy are the steps to be taken to create value and social media helps with that since it directly affects activities in a value chain.
Activities can include
Sales and Marketing
Customer Service
Inbound Logistics
manufacturing and Operations
Human Resources
Using Social Networks to increase Strength of Relationships
Relationships in life are everything
Family and Friend relationships are vital for our social world
Networking and business relationships are also important
Social Media can help strengthen relationships by:
Providing Benefits to all
Influence, Information, Social Credentials and Reinforcement
When favors are fulfilled then relationships are strengthened and power increases
Strong relationships are essential to the business world since many organizations rely on each other for products, customers and more
Sites can provide a forum for communication and a way for relationships to build
How do social networks add value to a business?
Social Capital is a large part of how social networks can provide value to organizations
Three main principals of social capital:
Number of relationships
Strength of relationships
resources controlled by "friends"
Through these three principals value can be added to an organization.

Does Mobility affect Social Media Economics?
Mobile devices have a strong impact on social media
Get access any and everywhere
Everything is free! (Facebook, Twitter, GMail, AOL & more)
How do they make money if it is all free?
Ads have become customized from what users are searching
This is where the revenue is come from (Ads)
Social Media Revenue comes from Web 2.0
Web 2.0 can be defined as “web-delivered services and content that are paid for by advertising” (Kroenke).
How Can Organizations manage the risks of social media?
Loss of control in terms of what is getting put out there. Users can put whatever they want on the internet no matter how negative or false.
Employees need to have greater communication with customers so customers can get the greatest experience possible
Organizations need to develop a social media policy
Its important to not give anything for the competition to use against the organization
Social Networking Problems and How to Manage them
Three ways to manage problems:
leave it
respond to it
delete it
Leaving a comment of constructive criticism is good for the organization to have and shows they care what there customers think
Respond to it can be risky. If your responding to a comment it need to be in a polite way as to not offend a customer
Deleting comments that offensive, inappropriate or have nothing to do with the organization is important
Recruiting Through Social Media
Social media is a vital tool in the hiring process
Hiring teams are looking at perspective employees Facebook and Twitter accounts
Perspective employees need to evaluate the networks they are apart of and separate there personal and professional lives.
Content on an individuals Facebook page could ultimatly affect if they are hired or fired
It can be a vital recruiting tool such as LinkedIn in which organizations can find well qualified individuals that may have not applied for a position being offered at a particular company
Social Media has found is way into the lives of millions one way or another
There are many risks as well as benefits
It appears that the benefits out way the risks
It is a vital source for obtaining information, getting to know customers, its opening the doors for employment opportunities & more
In the future more sites will be developed and privacy will be in jeopardy as well as other heightened risks.
Social Media and Social Media Information Systems
The roles of SMIS and Different Social Media Sites
How can SMIS benefit the organization? The strategy?
Using social networks to increase strength of relationships
How do social networks add value to a business
Does mobility affect social media economics?
How can organizations manage the risks of Social Media?
Social networking problems and how to manage them
Recruiting through social media
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