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No description

jairo bustos

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Zeitoun

Zeitoun Prezi Description Zeitouns thoughts Kathy's thoughts Whats happening on Sept 2 2005? Malcolm X On September, 2 In Zeitoun
He is Still providing dogs with food and water
The streets are now empty
Water is not clear anymore but toxic and dirty
Men are now forming groups and looting the city
Zeitoun tries to check on office but looters drive him away by flashing guns
Not much help from the government
Zeitoun tries to ask for help but is sent away Zeitoun is currently helping people who are in
danger and providing them with food. He may
of been asking himself why the government
has not helped or why the men in the ships did
not stop to help, he could of felt confused and scared because the soldiers were not helping. Kathy is currently feeling over stressed
she is taking up bad habits of not going
anywhere.She is currently is Houston, In
Miss Mary's Home. She may of been
wondering what is Zeitoun doing?is he
safe? why didn't he come with them?
and when will she see him next NASA Mars Exploration Rover mission robotic,
spirit rover sends back a partial view from top of
"Husband Hill" at Guser Cratter On Mars.Also former
NFL player Deion Sanders challenged all pro athletes
in four major leagues to donate 1000 dollars each towards relief efforts for hurricane Katrina disaster Born Malcolm Little
Born In Omaha Nebraska
Was part of nation of Islam beginning in 1952 after release from prison
Was a human rights activist and Muslim Minister
He began Black power movement
Raised the self esteem of african americans and reconnected them with their African heritage. This image represents Zeitoun because of his strength, love and care throughout the Hurricane Katrina Disaster.The arm represents his strength
that he showed throughout the storm by making sure he stayed safe and the tectics he used to survive. The heart represents the love and care he projected throughout the storm by saving other people and not just thinking about himself but being considerate of other people and animals. Symbol Letter Dear editor,
Katrina was a devastating experience in my life.
I tried to stay strong throughout the negativity. My objective is not to write a letter of complaints, but too inform you that the rescue sent by the government was negligent of citizens who actually required aid, the organization FEMA did a poor job of rescuing people in need. I was flashed with a gun while i witnessed looters take valuables from buildings, terrified i fled the scene. The burden of not being able to see my family was unbearable, and thinking of what was happening with the help made it worse. I am thankful i survived, the help should of been there and more people would of had the same luck as me-
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