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Codi Kaye songs

No description

Shara Donovan

on 29 July 2015

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Transcript of Codi Kaye songs

Codi Kaye-Your not innocent
It is a song about a person who did suicide. It is singing to the bully who sapposedly caused the person to kill them self. It is trying to tell them that they did it and it is too late for them to be innocent and to turn it around.
This is a song about how she does not want to date this guy because she is afraid he is going to leave her and she is going to have to fix it all and she does not want to deal with that pain so she does not even want to give him a choice.
Codi kaye-2014
This is a song about how she can not deal with the pain and is losing herself.
This is a song were when she started she is saying it is his falt they broke up but then it talks about how she can not hide from her Conscience and she does not want to see it and then she says that it was all her fault.
Codi kaye has made a total of four songs as of now.
Your Not Innocent, Im Losing Myself, Take, and My Conscience.
She also has done many covers. I am only going to show radioactive.
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