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Alice in wonderland

No description

Maria camila Contreras reyes

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Alice in wonderland

Description Characters Advantages Disadvantages Was awarded in Oscars of 2010 for best art director and costume design and nominated in 2011 for best comedy movie, best comedy actor and best soundtrack The movie is far away from the great book of Lewis Carroll, is full of effects but also empty of real magic.
Therefore is not a loveable, huggable quality to any of characters The white queen Alice Kingsleigh. The red queen In this movie the Hatter help Alice in the Frabjous Day to fight the jabberwockey and he fall in love of her. Type : Summary Premiere March 5 of 2010 Fantasy and adventure The movie is about Alice, a 19 years old girl, that, trying to escape of an uncomfortable wedding proposal, follow a rabbit until a hole that carry her to wonderland, a place that she knew 13 years ago, but back then she thought that was just a dream, but this time she isnt the new girl, even if she doesnt remember anything, everybody remember her. All the story evolves around the discovery of her mission in the Frabjous Day.

The story follows her on the quest to save
wonderland.... The Hatter Interpreted by: Johnny Depp Is the main character of the story, she is the one that can defeat the jabberwockey and recover the kingdom to the white queen Interpreted by: Mia Wasikowska (19 years old) y Mairi Ella Challen (6 years old) The red queen is the evil character of the story, she is jealous of her sister, the white queen, and wants that everything in wonderland be made as her desire and if anybody dare to contradict her could literally "lost his head" The white queen is the good character of the movie, she is the true queen of wonderland and the representation of goodness and purity Represented by :
Helena Bonham Carter Iracebeth Miranda Represented by:
Anne Hathaway Trailer Direct by: Tim Burton Based on: The book of Alice in wonderland of Lewis Carroll Glossary Premiada = Awarded
Premios oscar = Oscars
Diseño de vestuario = Costume design
Nominada = Nominated
Comedia = Comedy
Banda sonora = Soundtrack
Propuesta = Proposal
Sombrerero = Hatter
Pricipal = Main
Luchar = Defeat
Tiempo atras = Back then
Gusto = Desire Reference http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alicia_en_el_pa%C3%ADs_de_las_maravillas_(pel%C3%ADcula_de_2010)
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