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Ken's Copy

Adding value to your business through a social media strategy

Matt Gardner

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of Ken's Copy

~ 250,000 people join facebook every day

~ More than 400 million active users

~ Over half of facebook users are over
the age of 36 years old

~ The fastest growing demographic is
women over 55 years old ~ The fastest growing web brand in 2009
with a 1,444% growth rate during the year

~ Only 11% of users are under 17 years old

~ News that broke on twitter:
Miracle on the Hudson
Death of Michael Jackson
Haiti's Earthquake
Founded in 2005 Founded in 2006 Our Services Search Engine Optimization Basic Package: and $500 per month Business Packages: and $700 per month Triple Package: $750 per month Complete Package: $950 per month Individual Accounts can be purchased for $350 per month
$350 one time account setup and design fee
It's The Biggest Movement
The Industrial Revolution! 96% Of Generation Y Has
Joined a Social Network 50 Million Users RADIO 38 YEARS Internet 4 YEARS Television 13 YEARS 100 Million Users In 9 months How Do You Decide Which Networks To Use? Our 4 Pillars Of
Social Media Founded in 2003 ~ 60 million active members

~ 80% of companies use LinkedIn when
hiring new employees

~ Every second, LinkedIn adds a new member ~ Blogger.com get 35 million unique visitors
every month

~ Wordpress.com get 28 million unique visitors
every month

~ Blogs are heavily indexed by the search engines What We Do
For You!!! Why Are Your Customers
Asking You About
Social Media? Consult
Cultivate Social Media Sites A Sweet Story We Build An Audience
For Your Accounts We Promote To The
Audience The Audience Interacts
And Becomes More Than
A Customer, They Become
A Fan Of Your Account Your Audience Becomes Your Fans
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