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The Hiding Place

No description

Noah Vander Berg

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of The Hiding Place

The Dutch Resistance was was resistance of the Nazi rule, by the Netherlands people. It was mostly nonviolent and took place during the autumn of 1944hhjkg,nthdntkufiglohp{ihggkyudyr
The Hiding Place

The Netherlands, in the start of the World War II, were a neutral country. They didn't want a part in this war, but then they got attacked by Germany on May 1940. They surrendered after four days of resistance and their Queen, Queen Whilhelmina, fled to London. The Netherlands then joined the Allies in the war.
The Netherlands' side
The Netherlands involved in the war.
On May 10, 1940 German troops invaded the Netherlands
Dutch forces surrendered 5 days later
During this time over 6 million Jews were killed by Nazi's.
People in the Netherlands were issued ration cards, these ration cards determined how much food they were able to get.
Jews who were discovered to have been hiding Jews from Nazis were sent to prison and work camps.
The Dutch Resistance
The Holocaust
The Holocaust was the persecution, torturing, and killing
of Jews during World War II. Not only were the Jews targeted, but gypsies, homosexuals, communists, socialists, and Jehovah's Witnesses. The reason for their persecution by the Germans is because the Nazi's leader, Hitler, hated Jews. The reason for his hate of Jews is that he blamed them for losing WWI and the economic crisis' in Germany. Many people agreed with him. The reason for the persecution of the other people listed was because the Germans believed that they were superior to them and that they should be punished. Many of the persecuted were sent to concentration camps where most all of them died. At the concentration camps they were starved, labored, and put in gas houses so they'd die. All in all, 11 million people died in the Holocaust. 6 million of that number were Jewish. 1.1 million of that 11 million was children. The Holocaust shows us that there is true evil and sin in our world.
The Dutch Resistance took place during the autumn of
1944, due to the invasion of the Netherlands by the German Nazis. The groups involved included the Dutch Jews, the Nazis, and almost every Dutch person. Although the resistance took a while to enlarge, but once the Jews were being arrested and executed, the resistance caught fire! Once the resistance bloomed, acts of rebellion included giving the Allies information of the Nazi plans and whereabouts. Also, the Dutch homes took in thousands of Jews, risking their own lives to protect the Jews.
The Netherlands main thing that they did during
the war was hide jews. They were under the rule of Germany and there must have been a bunch of jewish people in Holland that Hitler was wanting to kill and they hid them from him. Also, many Jews had fled from Germany into the Netherlands to escape the Nazi's. Therefore, there were even more Jews in the Netherlands than there were before the war.
Bibliography: https://docs.google.com/a/brookfieldchristian.org/document/d/1GdFde4tydIt6JuNeCSNQI5xmzEvCWcq442AoX5ipZ04/edit?usp=sharing

DISCLAIMER: this video has viewer discretion because it contains some graphic content. It shows pictures of concentration camp victims, which may be hard to see.
Audrey's bibliography:
slide by: Audrey Downs
Group Connections
Although at times Corrie thought she would be better off without the Jews in her house, she kept letting them in, and helping them survive. Even though God would probably be better off without all of us, he continues to reach out a loving hand, and gives us salvation and forgiveness.
This goes against God's will because God wants everyone to be treated equally and fairly.

by: Noah, Allison, Audrey, and Jonathon
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