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about cows and what there like.

Thea Enright

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Cows!

By Thea Enrigth Cows! Why i like them... I like cows mainly because of their black and white patches and there animal sound which is moo! ... Different colored cows! There are lots of different colored cows such as:
black and white
cream Baby cows are called calves... Baby cows! There are both beef and dairy breeds (over 900 breeds in the world):
- Holstein
- Hereford
- Brahman
- Red Sindhi
- Sahiwal
- Tharparkar
- Dajal
- Brown Swiss
- Angus
Different types of cows! A male cow is actually called a bull. They are generally bigger the females which are called cows and some have horns.
Bull Collageof cows!
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