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The White House: An Analogy of the Cell

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Teresa McCarthy

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of The White House: An Analogy of the Cell

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)

The White House information Center takes the information it has and gives it out to others wanting to learn about the White House, just like in the way that the Rough ER packages proteins and sends them out to the golgi apparatus.
The White House Information Center
Just as mitochondria take nutrients, break them down, and distribute energy to the other parts of cell in a process called cellular respiration, congress takes topics, “breaks them down” by debating over the issue, and distributes the information to the other members of the U.S. government through a process called Congressional Debate.

Just as the nuclear membrane protects the nucleus, the powerhouse of the cell, the secret service agents protect the head of the U.S. government, the president.
Nuclear Membrane

Secret Service Agents
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)

White House Workout Room
A vacuole stores water, protein, and carbohydrates. I chose the kitchen of the White House to symbolize the vacuole because that is where all the food and water for the president, his family, and staff is stored.

White House Kitchen
The nucleolus is inside the nucleus(control center) and is where ribosomes start their assembly. I chose the president to represent the nucleolus because he is who people see as the head of our country.
President of the United States
The dna of a cell provides all the information about you and your background. i chose the White house office of the curator because it contains a collection of information and history of the white house and past first families.

White House Office of the Curator
Just as the white house fence regulates who/what goes in and out of the white house, the cell membrane regulates what goes in and out of the cell.
Cell Membrane

The White House Fence
The cytoplasm of the cell is the clear fluid inside the cell that is outside the nucleus. All the organelles in the cell with the exception of the nucleus are in the cell. The halls of the white house are like the cytoplasm because it is everywhere in the White House with the exception of the executive office, the nucleus. the cytoplasm is used to travel from organelle to organelle like the hallways are used to travel from room to room.

Halls of the White House
the ribosomes in the cell make proteins which fuel the cell and help it fight bacteria through the lysosomes. Proteins are essential to the cell because that is what keeps the cell going and provides basic functions for the organelles. Ribosomes are extremely important because they manufacture the proteins. the Cafeteria in the white house is like the ribosomes in that it is the site of the essential items the white house cannot live without, coffee and food. Ribosomes make protein and the Cafeteria provides protein to all the needs of the cell and white house staff.

the nucleus makes all the decisions for the cell like the executive office does for the country which includes the president. It is the control center for the cell and the executive branch is the control center for the United states. The nuclear membrane controls what goes in and out of the cell like a secretary controls what goes in and out of the oval office and other areas of the branch. The executive branch of government is the site of decision making like the nucleus is for the cell.

Executive Branch
the postal service in the white house is alike
the golgi apparatus in many ways. First, it repackages materials to send them to other places in the cell like the postal workers do to
packages. The golgi apparatus also sorts these
proteins to send them on their way through the cell similarly to the workers that send them all over the world. Additionally, the
Golgi apparatus has closely stacked membrane
sacs that serve as a route for the materials
which is closely resembled to the route that post man takes to deliver his packages.
Golgi Apparatus

Postal Service
The lysosomes of a cell digest excess or worn-out cell parts,food particles, and eat invading viruses and bacteria. While janitors do not eat invading enemies, they do cean up after the white house like the lysosomes clean up after the cell. Janitors throw out any unwanted goods and mop the floors to get rid of any particles similar to the lysosomes that digest materials no longer needed.

The White House:
An Analogy of the Animal

By:Jillian Zane, Olivia Zelony,
and Teresa McCarthy
The White House workout room was originally a sitting room, but was converted into an exercise facility by a former first family. as you know a workout room is where you can get in shape and tone/gain muscle. in the smooth er steroids(lipids) can be made and safely kept. i chose to relate the smooth er and the workout room because steroids are typically thought of for increasing muscle strength.
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