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McMartin Case

No description

Julian Rojas

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of McMartin Case

The court charge multiple counts of child abuse on
the family without proper evidence
In 1983, a mother of one of the preschool's students called the authorities to complain that her son had been sodomized by one of the teachers at the McMartin preschool. An investigation was launched on the school which became a six year case and the most expensive trial ever in America. Ray Buckely, Virginia Mcmartin, and Peggy Buckely were charged with counts of child abuse and molestation. After the six year trial no convictions were obtained.
What Happened?
A photo of Arthur Miller's Novel "The Crucible"
Relation to The Crucible
Judy Johnson
Abigail: Accuses witchcraft on anyone to distract the dancing in the woods incident, and she wants to be loved because she has no parents and now also lost Proctor.

Judy: Accuses to avert attention from the fact that she is an alcoholic, and she recently separated from her husband.
Relation Between Characters and People
McMartin Case
Julian Rojas, Brian Morales, Alberto Panduro, Brandon de la Fuente Per. 5/English 11
Photo of Manhattan Beach
More Similarities
Why its Important Today
People suffer today still
Child Abuse: Ritual
TV WEEKEND; The Horrors Behind The McMartin Trial
Works Cited
A photo of the McMartin Pre-School Sign outside the building
Both started with the accusation of one person that everybody believed. The public reaction played a big part in the case and the accusations made were not taken lightly by the authorities. The mother who first accused did it based off "signs" she saw of abuse. As soon as the parents and other children also reported said actions, the authority took their sides. But there was no abuse, it was all one big witch hunt with no real abuse occurring.
While its not obvious, these two are actually very similar
Who Was Involved?
What We Learned
It is important today because we cannot prove someone guilty until full evidence is found in the trial that the person did something wrong. We also have a very much improved Justice System. The McMartin Family is an example of accused without full evidence and were sent to jail at the time.
Ray Buckley
Peggy Buckely
Virginia McMartin
The rest of the school staff
Judy Johnson

Abigail Williams
When observed, there are similarities shared between the two
People need to learn from this
This is still important today because there are still innocent people that are convicted for crimes they did not do. We as a society need to learn not to give in to mob mentality and have to use logic to put the real criminals in prison. Let us not relive the events that occurred in Salem, do not let history repeat itself.
McMartin Pre-School Trial
McMartin Pre-School Trial
A parent of a student accused staff of sexually abusing her 2 year-old child
Mother was unstable and wanted to divert attention
Time and Place
Not for them
A photo of Ray Buckley on trial
John: He was the main accused by Abigail, was respected highly in the town, and had hung for the crimes he did not comit
Ray: He was mainly accused by Judy, was a role model among the community, and was jailed for a $1,000,000 bail
John Proctor
Another similarity between the two events
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