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By Jetz and Vlad

No description

vlad villasenor

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of By Jetz and Vlad

About Mesopotamia
San Joaquin is having irrigation problems that are similar to Makan-Shapir. the irrigation soil is becoming salty and the water table the fields are getting really dry.
The San Joaquin Valley was once a beautiful
By Jetz & Vlad
San Joaquin Has No Hope

About the San Joaquin Valley
place it had beautiful farm land but now it
it look just like Mesopotamia they are both
are dry.
Photos of San Joaquin Valley Now & before
used to be a Fertile land that you could be
able to grow good crops their and it also flooded a lot
of times but then Mesopotamia collapsed and everyone
left to the north were they can grow better crops.
San Joaquin
Here is a video of the San Joaquin's Valley dry field
What is happening to the San Joaquin Valley
Thnxs For watching Are Prezi Guys !!!
WARNING this prezi is cool cover eyes
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