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Book report: Finally

My book is about a girl who turns 12 and learns a lesson about growing up

Ariana Fleet

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Book report: Finally

By: Wendy Mass Finally Rory's coincidence Later....She thinks it through Almost her birthday! Shortly after her Birthday But a lot of things go wrong Stay home alone When Rory decides the party she's going to isn't
all it's cracked up to be,she wants to be picked up and then the girl she gave her part up to in the movie turns up to be a neighbor of the party-thrower she stays at her her mom picks her up at Rory remembers the words the old lady said while rescuing her from the drainpipe, You wont get want you what until you see what you need. When Rory gets in the car to pick up her brother she sees a dog running away she returns it to the lady running after it. She helps a girl get into the dance school she wanted. She gives up her part in the school movie to another girl. The bad luck keeps coming. One day a producer
decides to film a movie at her school. The star happens to be a very famous guy who all the girls want to be in the movie with. And Rory gets picked to be in the background of the movie. But she gets up on the wrong foot with the co-star. Before her birthday Rory has to go on the annual
class visit to the Willow Falls reservoir where she
falls into a drainpipe. After awhile a little old lady comes and saves her though. Later at her house
Rory creates a chart to show her parents all
the things she wants to get (or to happen) to
her once shes 12.
She loses her cell phone
She scrapes her legs, gets out smarted by the girl shes baby sitting, and swells her face up while putting on make up
Not to mention when she gets picked for the shooting of a move at her school she becomes the arch enemy of the star actor Get a cell phone Rory Swenson can't wait to turn 12 because
she will FINALLY make all the wishes shes
ever had come true Wear make up Get contact lenses
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