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Alexander the Great Hellenistic Empire Project

No description

Jason Schipper

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Alexander the Great Hellenistic Empire Project

Alexander the Great Hellenistic Empire Project
For this project, you will focus on SIX cities that Alexander the Great either established or conquered throughout his reign.

The background of your Prezi must be a map of the area conquered by Alexander the Great
FOR EVERY CITY, you need to include:

- The group of people who previously occupied it

- Description for 2 of 6 categories below for the group that had previously occupied it.
- Geography
- Religion/beliefs system
- Advancements
- Political system
- Economy
- Social structure

-- Description of 1 Major change that occurred in the territory after Alexander's conquering
-- Description of the battle that took place for control of this land.

- ONE multimedia (Picture, Video, Sound, GIF) embed specifically pertaining to the event or the territory's civilization.
Prezi LINKS are due to upload to Moodle by Friday, Dec. 11

*Include a bibliography of all sources used, even for multimedia, in your last "slide."
Conquered by Alexander the Great in B.C. 156. and name was changed.

Economy before Alexander-
- A very cheap people, mostly teachers who took part in frequent shennaniganry

Notable Advancements before Alexander-
- Developed soon-to-be-famous website ideas such as 'TripAdvisor for TEENs'

Influence of Alexander's Conquest-
- The Schippertonians began to adopt the Greek language and the government was made democratic

An interesting (AKA attractive) looking race
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