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Economic impact: aSSIGNMENTS

No description

megan giglietta

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Economic impact: aSSIGNMENTS

Market Segmentation
Population: 2.1+ million
median income for a household (in the city): $37,000
median income for a family: $40,000
median income for a male: $32,000
median income for a female: $27,000
median age: 30.9
male population: 49.94%
female population: 50.06%
Population 35-44 years old: 15.65% (target age)
Racial Makeup of Houston
Economic impact
product benefit:
Houston Pitbulls
Coldest month: January
Hottest months: July & August
Average Temperature: 61*F (16*C)
American Team
Team Name
Houston Seal
Jersey Colours: Blue, yellow, and white
Logo: Pitbull
Player Salary Cap: 57 million
Staff Salary: 4.5 million
Training Facilites: 300-400k
Franchise Costs: 96 million
Transportation Cost: 500k
51% white
-44% Hispanic/Latino

-26% Non-Hispanic
-24% African American
-6% Asian
Generates Jobs
Team Sporting Merchandise
Ranked 1st in Texas and 3rd in the U.S for "Best Places for Business and Careers" by Forbes
Fourth largest city in the United States
Largest city in Texas
Has a sports team in every major pro league aside from the NHL
Had a successful past in Hockey (WHA)
Large and loyal fanbase associated with the Houston Aeros
Currently has a large enough stadium to host NHL games (Toyota Center)
megan + sarah
big population
many sports fans
grow up with a team/family orientated city
economic growth
community is formed
memories/ experience
emtional gain
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