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Year 8 Drama - Melodrama

Adapted by Deanne Joosten

Deanne Joosten

on 3 May 2014

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Transcript of Year 8 Drama - Melodrama

Melodrama The History of Melodrama Music and Sound Effects In Melodrama What do you know? Melodrama is a play or film where the emotions of the characters are exaggerated and simplified and are centered on good and evil.
The Melodrama was the primary form of theatre during the 19th century, becoming the most popular performance style by 1840.
Here are some examples of costumes and music you could use when making your own Melodrama...
(watch out for the famous actress!) The music and sound effects were used to help tell the story. It does this by setting the scene, building tension and showing emotions. This has an interesting effect because it's a different type of play and the actors do not always have to speak as the music takes over and sets the mood. Character: The Hero's Sidekick
Facial Expressions: eager, helpful, kind
Body Language: can be clumsy and awkward
Status: Low
Voice: High Pitched, funny, silly or annoying Character: The Villain
Facial Expressions: Raised eyebrow, scrunched up face, evil looking
Body Language: Hunched over
Status: Medium
Voice: Sly, low pitched Character: Heroine / Damsel in distress
Facial Expressions: Fluttering Eyelashes, big Smile, Wide Eyes
Body Language: Good Posture, Head Up
Status: Very High
Voice: Soft, Gentle, Reassuring STOCK
CHARACTERS (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Character: The Comic Servant
Facial Expressions: pulls funny faces, cross eyed
Body Language: Hunched back
Status: Low
Voice: High Pitched, Squeaky

Character: The Maid Servant
Facial Expressions: lively and flirtatious
Body Language: moves quickly
Status: Low
Voice: High Pitched

Character: The Aged Parent
Facial Expressions: gummy smile, squinting eyes
Body Language: hunched over, walks slowly
Status: Low
Voice: High Pitched EXAGGERATED
Describe your input into the performance and why you made decisions about how you wanted to perform / direct the scene
In the performance my input into it was playing Widow Frailbody. When I was acting out the character I was trying to make her look frail and old by arching my back and shaking my body and voice a bit. What is thought-tracking and how did using it help you to develop the meaning of the scene / characters even further ? What is it that you need to work on during rehearsal? How will you make your performance melodramatic in style? How will you show the audience your character and emotion? What do you need to work on prior to your final performance? To show the audience my character and the characters emotion I will over exaggerate my movements and vary the volume of my voice. For example, when the character is sad, scared or upset the volume in my voice would be quieter and when the character is happy or excited I would make my voice louder than usual. During rehearsal time my group and I need to work on over exaggerating our actions and remembering when we need to come on and off stage. Prior to the final performance my group and I need to work on practising our lines and knowing when to come on and off stage. My group and I will make our performance melodramatic in style by over exaggerating our movements and showing clear emotions. JOURNAL TASK...
What scene have you explored today and what was your role in the performance ? The Scene that we explored today was where
Colin Creepe was trying to kill the Widow but
instead he died. My role in the performance was
playing Widow Frailbody, who Colin
Creepe was trying to murder. Thought tracking is where the group make a freeze frame or a still image and then individuals within the group share there toughts to the audience Thought tracking helped us develop the meaning of our scene by knowing everyone's thoughts and there reactions that they don't show in the scene.
It helped develop the meaning of our characters a bit more because you can see/hear whats going on in their minds and their reactions to things. PERFORMANCE TASK....
- Use the script for the first scene of your performance
- You can change the characters names
- Create the next scene
- You must use ALL exaggerated emotion poses
- You must use thought tracking/aside once for each character Sebastian Kettle
Hermione Manger
Miss Catrina Bloodshot
Charles Creepe

Narrator:This scene begins in the local inn.
Charles Creepe: Yes mistress I will try my best to capture Hermione Manger so you can marry Sebastian Kettle and take all of his money !
Miss Catrina Bloodshot: Good boy ! I have trained you well.
Narrator:Sebastian Kettle and Hermione Manger walk in.
Miss Catrina Bloodshot: Now look there is your chance - GO !
Charles Creepe: At once Mistress
Narrator: Charles walks over to Hermione and Sebastian
Charles Creepe: Hello, I did'nt see you there !
Sabastian Kettle: Yes you did, you just want something don't you?
Hermione Manger: Sabastian don't be so rude to little Charles he has only come to say hello
Narrator: Sebastian walks off in a strop
Charles Creepe: (speaking to audience) Haha she doesn't suspect a thing
Hermione Manger: I'm so sorry about that, he gets so angry very easily !
Charles Creepe: That's alright, Would you like a drink of anything ?
Hermione Manger: Yes please Charles ! I would like some water !
Narrator: Charles Creepe goes out to the well and gets her some water, however he puts some poison into it
Hermione Manger: Thank you so much Charles I don't know what I'd do without you
Narrator: Hermione Manger takes a sip of the water and falls to the floor instantly. Character: Hero
Facial Expressions: Big Smile, Wide Eyes, Handsome
Body Language: Chest Out, Stand Straight, Head Up
Status: Very High
Voice: Loud, Confident, Low Pitched THE HERO ALWAYS......
- Escapes dangerous situations
- Defeats the villain
- Gets the girl
- Brave and courageous Heroin/Damsel in Distress: - Love of the Hero.
- In some distress.
- Saved by Hero.
- Lives happily ever after. THE HEROINE ALWAYS....
-In love with the Hero
- In some distress or danger
- Saved by Hero
- Lives happily ever after
-Good, honest and poor
-Innocent and courageous
-Responsible for sick/elderly relative COMMON THEMES - Doomed love affairs
- Death defying escapes
- Crime doesn't pay
-Good always triumphs over evil
-Bad guys always get caught
-Stock characters are opposites THE VILLAN ALWAYS...
-Really dislikes the Hero
-Tries to kidnap or marry the heroine
- Always loses
- Is rich and powerful and dishonest Villain's Sidekick: -Gets in villain's way accidentally.
- Usually humorous.
* Dudley Do Right
* Rocky and Bullwinkle
* Silent films
* Classic cliffhanger plots Character: Villain's Sidekick
Facial Expression: Silly, Comic
Body Language: Bumbling sidekick, clumsy, funny
Status: Low
Voice: Silly and comedic THE VILLAIN'S SIDEKICK ALWAYS...
- Gets in villain's way accidentally
- Usually humorous
- Provides comic relief THE HERO'S SIDEKICK ALWAYS....
- Assists the Hero
- Finds some vital information
- Provides comic relief OTHER CHARACTERS.... GRIEF...
Head down, shoulders rounded, hands cupping face. Raising shoulders up and down, with a sobbing noise. FEAR...
Face turned to right side, with right hand to the mouth, fingers curled under touching top of the palm. HORROR....
Eyes, wide, mouth open, both hands to the cheeks with fingers extended. LOVE...
FEMALE: Chest high, head to one side, kick leg up, hands under chin, smile.
MALE: Chest high, Right hand cross chest and hand on heart. Other hand open and pointing to his love. EVIL PLANNING...
One eyebrow up, the other down, grimace on face and hands rubbing together. If it is a really good plan the fingers twiddle. EVIL SNEAKING...
Shoulders hunched over, arm raised to cover the nose, eyes free to shift around the room. Legs bent as cross the stage. PRIDE...
Chest up, hands with knuckles to both hips, legs slightly apart, a balanced look. Chin up and tilted head. ANGER...
Both hands shoulder high, eyebrows pushed toward each other, face tenses with a grimace, hands in tight fists. DRAMATIC / OVERWHELMED...
Chin up bringing the face to look up, one arm dropped limp to the side. The other hand open with palm towards the audience on top of forehead.
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