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madison moore

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Timeline

[ a timeline of her life from birth to death ] ISADORA DUNCAN'S LIFE Angela Isadora Duncan The End Born May 26, 1877 in San Francisco, California Isadora finds escape from life through dance using it as a way to express her emotions and experiences. [ Isadora's Childhood (cont'd) ] Isadora begins her long-awaited solo career in 1900 [ Isadora in Europe ] Isadora and her mother leave California in 1895 to further her dancing career. She earns more positive publicity. [ Isadora and The Daly Company ] Isadora danced her last performance on July 8, 1927 at the Theatre Mogador in Paris. Isadora becomes famous and prominent in Europe after her break in 1903. [ Isadora Life After Her "Big Break" ] Most of her childhood between 1877 and 1895 is spent near San Francisco. [ Isadora's childhood ] 1880 - Mary and Joseph Divorce. Mary and the kids move to Oakland. From this point, they move repeatedly due to poverty.

1885 - Mary organizes a dance class for children in the neighborhood. She plays piano and teaches social dance.

1889 - Isadora drops out of school to join her mother and brother in teaching dance classes.
1890 - Isadora performs in her first solo public debut at Wendte Hall in San Francisco, CA. She receives poor reviews from critics

1893 - The Duncans move into a castle mansion in San Francisco, California which they use as a venue to continue teaching dance

1894- Isadora is officially labeled as a Teacher or dance in San Francisco, CA.
1896 - Isadora and her mother move to Chicago, Illinois where she meets Augustin Daly. He invites Isadora to join the Daly Theatre Company in New York and she accepts.

1897 - Isadora tours England with the Daly Company. Whilst in London, she is taught by famous dancer Katti Lanner and recieves a miniature "Big Break" publicizing her talent in solo performances. Upon her return to New York, Isadora leaves the Daly Company

1899 - (March 17) Isadora, her mother, and her sister Elizabeth move to London, England after a fire burn their dance studio in the Windsor Hotel in New York City. 1900 - In London, Isadora uses her connections from the Daly Tour to get herself settled and performing in England. Then moves to Paris, France

1901 - Isadora performed her last dance in ballet slippers. From this point she dances in wood sandals or bare feet.

1902 - After publishing a pamphlet of her dance style, Isadora establishes the art of MODERN DANCE.

1903- Isadora gets her "Big Break" and begins touring Europe.

1904 - Isadora begins a her first school of dance in Grunewald, Germany for 20 girls aged 6 -10. (it was like a boarding school for dancers)

1906 - Isadora gives birth to her first child, Deirdre, by theatre designer Gordon Craig.

1907 - Leaving her baby with her mother in San Romero, Italy and goes back to performing and teaching again.

1908 - Isadora meets the Sewing Machine Fortune heir, Paris Singer. She births Patrick in 1910 after their love affair. [ Isadora's LIfe (Cont'd) ] Isadora continues performing and expanding her modern dance empire 1911 - Isadora leaves her children to tour yet again.

1912- Isadora establishes a school in France to avoid being controlled by German regulations on dancing. Then another in Moscow, Russia.

1913 - Her children Dierdre and Patrick are drowned when thei car is hurled into the Siene River. She adopts the Isadorables: Anna, Teresa, Irma (her 3 best dancers), as her daughters.

1914 - Isadora joined the war effort. She worked in the hospital at Bellevue near her French school tending wounded soldiers [ Isadora's Later Life ] Isadora continued to perform and gain fame even in her later life. 1914-1920 - Isadora continues performing. Her success is not as great and she begins to lose fame

1922 - Isadora marries Sergei Essenin a Russian Poet whom is 18 years her junior. They travel attempting to further Essenin's career which fails miserably.

1924 Upon returning to their home in Moscow, Russia, Essenin commits suicide after a psychotic meltdown.

1927 - (sept 14) Isadora was riding in a Bugatti with a young mechanic. The fringe of her long scarf entangled in one of the wheels of the car and tightened around her neck. She died instantly. She was 50. Parents: Mary Isadora Gray
Joseph Charles Duncan

Siblings: Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie)
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