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Tragic Hero: Charlie Sheen

No description

Sasha n

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Tragic Hero: Charlie Sheen

Tragic Hero: Charlie Sheen
He is Ultimately Good
Tragic Flaw(s)
a serious addiction problem he had faced for over a decade
unable to take responsibility for his actions
His Downfall
1990-2011 arrested on several different ocassions, bailed out each time
many accounts of beating/injuring girlfriends/wives while under the influence of alcohol and other drugs
1998- overdosed on cocaine, hospitalized
in and out of rehab since 1998
lost his large fanbase and famous role in the hit series
Two and a Half Men
Learns a Lesson
"So I woke up and said 'Dude, you're 45 with 5 kids, let's do something different.'" -Charlie Sheen
Receives Pity from Audience
fanbase was completely devastated to hear that he would no longer be on the show due to drug related causes
born into a family of talent
youngest son of actor Martin Sheen and artist Janet Templeton
began acting at age 9 and was the star pitcher/shortstop at his high school
was expelled just weeks before graduation due to bad grades and attendance
film career officially began in 1984 in the film
Red Dawn.
he's always trying to protect and do what's right for his kids
has donated to several charities, including: breast cancer research, AIDs awareness, and the USO, and many more
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