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Business Operations in Engineering

No description

Danielle Curtis

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Business Operations in Engineering

Business Operations in Engineering
Important note!
This unit will require some in depth research regarding your company. If you feel this may be an issue please alert the tutor as soon as possible.
Overall aim
This unit should help you gain an understanding of the major factors that affect your company within its competitive business environment. You will also develop business skills and techniques.
Understand how an engineering company operates
Impact of Legislation and regulations
Cost effectiveness and costing techniques
Anyone heard of a Sinclair or Amstrad computer? Does anyone own one?

What enables a company to survive? Why is it some well known companies cease to exist?

Business sector
Does your company provide raw materials, manufacture or offer a service?
Organisational type
Engineering functions
What are the departments within your company?
What purpose do they serve?
Information flow
What are the lines of communication when developing a new product or service?
What systems are in place to help you in the workplace?
What would you do differently?
What improvements would you make to the company if you were in charge?

What does the management structure look like? How many people does the company employ? What is the ownership status of the company?
External factors and the economic environments affects on businesses
Knowing when to make or buy is crucial! Why does your company make? Why does it buy?
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