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Use the Box

No description

Sarah Howard

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Use the Box

Do you ever ask ACU Library to scan
chapters of print books to put into LEO?
Australian Law requires ACU to record communication of copyright material?
But! The old Copyright Database will soon be switched off.
It sits within Equella, within LEO
So, for the past six months ACU Library has had an
old Copyright Database
and a
new Copyright Database.
So where is the
New Copyright Database?
In 2014 ACU Library created a

to comply with the law.
Use the Box
Do you ever ask ACU Library to scan journal articles not held electronically to put on LEO?

ACU Library What might take awhile to get used to...

Academics will still need to contact the Library to activate links when rolling over a LEO unit.
Did you answer YES to either?
Two quick questions...
Did you know...
New Copyright Database
What does this mean for you?
Links to the old Copyright Database will no longer work, but...
Contact the Library if you cannot locate your resource in the New Copyright Database!
If so, you use a Copyright Database!
That is why we need a
Copyright Database
Use (and link) to ACU Library online resources!
Refer students to Library Search!
We have options for you!
Get your students to add the
title of articles or eBooks into
Library Search.
Library Search provides
fulltext articles
& access to eBooks.
You don’t have to contact ACU Library,
and wait for links to be sent to you.
The Academic creates the link, not ACU Library
The new Copyright Database automatically determines the allowable limits under Australian Copyright Law
Academics need to contact ACU Library to add new material to the Copyright Database.
A little information about the
New Copyright Database in
LEO (Equella)...
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