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Pixar Animation Project

Understanding how Pixar Studios work and what makes them so unique.

Saray Hugues

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Pixar Animation Project

Pixar Animation Where it all Started Computer Animation Special Effects Rivalry with Disney Creating a new Movie Staying Alive Improving Sound The end of the 90's,the future keeps going By:Saray Hugues Ed Catmull John Lasseter Director of the computer graphics LAB Co-founder, chieve technical officer,and president of Pixar Always wanted to move on with the technology to produce better entertainment features Studied at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia Worked with Disney and later got fired from it, for not sharing the same thoughts and ideas Found work with Catmull and Lucas Wanted to start a Company that had his same belives in looking into the future George Lucas Started to go to college for other reasons, took liberal arts courses, and fell in love with the thought of art, so he left his first career for something that he loved. His carrer now is chairman, Lucasfilm, director,producer, and screen writter Decided to work with Catmull and also wanted to create a new company with new technology. ( both had the same dream ) Filmaiking Hardware Company Luxo Jr. Purpose: It provies an easier and new way of creating entertainment films PROCESS 2 DIMENSIONS 3 DIMENSIONS when you can manipulate flat areas in the animation when you manipulate volume through genuine 3-d movements solo animator: when an animator uses the 2-d system and uses feed back and unique animation Progress: Animators take clay and a photograph or parts of it of their future animation the clay model is scanned the model can be edited and altered in order to fit the storyline technicians mix computer- generated images with real film footage Computer Technicians make sure to edit and organize the short films before roducing them to the public. Scanning can take along time, specialy if you want the background to be very detailed. Soon Pixar started to create a better rating of entertainment than Disney, by using their idea of CG animation. Disney DID NOT aprove of this idea, because they didnt think computer anmimation was considered art. Luxo Jr. could no longer represent Catmull, Lasseter, and Lucas with the short films, even if they were doing amaizing things. The group wanted to open their own company and not have to rely on Luxo Jr. anymore. Disney herd about their problem and decided to make deal with them.They would help the group independized with their own company, but they would have to work with Disney and allow to continue sequels of movies they both would make.That way disney would get better rating back and people would consider them an awesome entertainment company again. Later, they had to reconsider the idea, since it was the only way of getting back to fame. AGREEMENT!!! Pixar Animation Studios was created !!! Now Disney and Pixar work together in movies like Up, Toy Story syries, and much more! Tom Hanks Tim Allan Pixar and Disney thought of the idea of bringing famous people to play some movie voices. They thought it was a good idea for the audience to hear some familier voices. The teams thought of finaly creating a huge animation project and decided to crate Toy Story. It took a mimimum of 4 years to create this movie, but it was all worth it. Tim Allen would play Buzz Lightyear, one of the main characters Tom Hanks would play Woody, one of the main characters in the movie. Pixar and Disney started to work on a new movie ,but while it took that long to create they wanted still be remembered, so they decided to do commercials of short stories made-up. Example Now, until the movie Cars 2 comes out. They still do the commercials The benefit of this was improvement of of editing and technology in the short films. EXPERIMINTATION !!! Gary Rydstrom Bob Pauley This two men decided to improve sound in the short films. Examples of regular things used for sound Used for making the sound of horse hoops walking or running Used for falling effect Some animals are trained in order for them to speak their languange into the storyline. Used for "wiping" something'' sound Used for opening/closing a zipper in the animation After choosing the effect, the technicians can edit the sound in order to fit the storyline. The speed of the car can be edited as increased or decreased. AWARDS Pixar Likes Combinations that is what makes them so outstanding and talented Creativity brought them this, "Art challenges technology, but technology inspires art."
- John Lasseter Luxo Jr. decided to represent this men. The company couldn't offer much, but it did let them start with a small buisness.
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