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Team Work

No description

caitlin double

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Team Work

Teamwork In a Professional Setting Caitlin Double
Megan Johnson
Noelle Corujo
Kammyon Gooden
Scott Knight What will you achieve? Three Key Elements of a Successful Team: 1. Competent team members
2. Clear elevating goal
3. Performance appraisal and Reinforcement Competent Team Members
Avoid choosing friends
Choosing people at random
Bring equal amount of effort to the team. Choosing those best equipped to achieve the team's objective: Knowledge and Interpersonal Skills Openness
Action Oriented You wont always get to choose what team you work in Research your potential job setting
How team-oriented is that job?
Jobs with little interaction- researching positions
Run your own business- more control Clear Elevating Goal Team Fails When Goal is to Broad Word choice
Ask questions
Assign specific tasks
Overview with team members Non-Motivating goal
Personal agendas
Power issue
Tax firm Compelling Purpose Focused on success
Individual success vs. Team success Performance Appraisal & Reinforecement Individual Reinforcement Catered to each individual
Encourages positive self esteem Expression of appreciation towards group members contributing to the task Important for organization to recongize those working effectively
Positive Reinforcement
Benefit others and benefit yourself Why is it important? 81% of Fortune 500 companies are building at least partially team-based organizations, and at least 77% use temporary project teams to perform core work.
Lawler, Mohrman, & Benson, 2001. In 2006, Fortune Magazine devoted an entire issue to teams.
June 12, 2006 Teamwork gives companies a competitive advantage
Business Exchange Online
Patrick Lencioni
He argues that “when your employees are all ‘rowing in the same direction,’ your company can dominate any industry...”
2011 Top Small Company Workplaces award – Applicants vs. Winners Cooperative Acts
Brings good feelings
Stimulate others to act in similar fashion
Reinforcing shared acts and positive attitudes Individual Recognition Most employees want to be stars
Raise, promotion, references Now its your turn to be a TEAM PLAYER Human Knot! Elements of a successful team
Competent team members
Clear elevating goal
Positive reinforcement, individual recognition, and team recognition
Importance of teamwork

“There’s no “I” in team but there is a “U” in stuck"
So What?!
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