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meshae gordon

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Ezekiel

The Prophet Ezekiel ezekiel 7:11 violence has grown into a staff that supports wickedness not one of them will be left - not from their crowd, not from their prominence. Ezekiel 7:10 Look, the day! Look, its coming! Doom has gone out! The staff has budded, pride has blossomed. Ezekiel 1:11 Their wings were spread out above them; each had two wings touching the wings of the other beings on either side and two wings covering their bodies. Ezekiel 3:3 Son of man feed your stomach and fill your belly with this scroll I am giving you. Ezekiel 5:16 I will shoot against them deadly, destructive arrows of famine, which I will shoot to destroy you...
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